Virgin Balloon Flights returns to the skies

A red Virgin Balloon Flights hot air balloon flies over a city
Virgin Balloon Flights
Natalie Clarkson
by Natalie Clarkson
17 May 2021

Guess who's back! After 18 months grounded, Virgin Balloon Flights is finally back flying high as its iconic big red balloons return to the UK skies in May. The team can't wait to start flying again and have shared everything you need to know as they restart flights...

If a year of lockdowns taught us anything, it was how not just us, but most of society as a whole, took our freedom for granted. Being told to stay home when we were used to being free as a bird really made us miss that independence.

We missed you too

Thankfully (and fingers crossed!) we’ve turned that corner as a nation and we’re delighted to say Virgin Balloon Flights is back.

Back taking you higher, back helping you see the world and back just appreciating everything life has to offer.

Our spectacular balloon rides can resume from 17 May, with more than 100 locations across the UK giving you the chance to experience one of the greatest activities out there.

People enjoy a Virgin Balloon Flights flight
Image from Virgin Balloon Flights

Which way do you like it?

The beauty of hot air balloon ride is that they are as inclusive as you want them to be.

A year hardly seeing family and friends means we are keener than ever to see those who matter most to us so creating new memories with those nearest and dearest is where Virgin Balloon Flights enters the equation. 

Our beautiful balloons can hold up to 16 passengers so all those close family members you have not seen for a year, plus aunties, uncles, cousins, neighbours, even delivery drivers you’re now on first name terms with, can all fit in a basket together!

Alternatively, if the lack of socialising in lockdown suited you, there is no minimum number you can book for. If you need a little time away from being couped up with the family for months, perhaps a solo balloon ride is just the thing for you!

Virgin Balloons flight group hot air balloon photo from 2019
Image from Virgin Balloon Flights

The reviews say it all

The feedback from taking one of our balloon flights is incredible. Thousands of our passengers say it is the best experience they’ve ever done.

The feeling of weightlessness combined with the sensation of floating, all whilst hearing the sounds of nature underneath all add up to unforgettable memories.

Outside is the best side!

Before we get too carried away, we are very aware that the coronavirus pandemic is not over just yet. While we cannot wait to start living life to the full again, it is still important to keep ourselves and others as safe as we can.

Which is why an outdoor activity in the fresh air is one of the best ways to get back to ‘having fun’.

People enjoy a Virgin Balloon Flights flight
Image from Virgin Balloon Flights

On our passenger balloon rides you are:

  • Outside in the fresh air, up to 5,000 feet high in the sky

  • Enjoying a Covid-Secure experience, with all our equipment fully cleaned and disinfected between every flight

  • Experiencing something truly magical that you will never forget

  • Appreciating just how gorgeous this country really is from a whole new perspective

Head over to Virgin Balloon Flights to find out more and book your flight now.