Virgin Atlantic announces more cargo flights to bring medical supplies to the UK

Cargo is loaded onto a Virgin Atlantic plane
Virgin Atlantic
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by Tania Steere
8 April 2020

Virgin Atlantic has announced it will be operating more cargo-only flights between London and Shanghai to bring more crucial medical supplies to the UK.

In partnership with the Department of Health and the NHS, Virgin Atlantic will operate seven more cargo-only flights during April.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has allowed Virgin Atlantic to carry cargo in the cabin as well as the cargo hold, so the airline can carry even more essential goods, to ensure global supply chains keep running and transporting essential medical supplies into the UK at this time of crisis.

Virgin Atlantic is continuing to review its flying programme each day and has decided to move most of its current scheduled services to cargo-only services from 20 April until 26 April. The following scheduled services will move to cargo-only flights: London Heathrow to New York JFK from April 21st-26th; London Heathrow to Hong Kong from April 20th-26th; London Heathrow to Los Angeles from April 20th-26th.

Virgin Atlantic will also continue to work closely with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) to help facilitate repatriation flights and bring UK nationals home. Virgin Atlantic has confirmed they are operating repatriation flights from Delhi, Mumbai, Joburg and Cape Town. For more information on these flights please contact the FCO here.