Turn reading into Virgin Points with Readly and Virgin Red

Image of someone scrolling through Readly app on a white tablet.
Image of Katie Fiddaman
by Katie Fiddaman
20 April 2022

Love kicking back with your favourite newspaper or a magazine? Virgin Red is delighted to announce a brand new partnership with Readly, so now you can relax with over 6000 magazine or newspaper titles whilst earning Virgin Points.

Readly is a digital subscription service that offers unlimited, "all-you-can-read" access to thousands of magazines, all in one easy app. In collaboration with 1200 publishers worldwide, and with readers in more than 50 markets, Readly is taking the digital publication industry by storm.

Image of Readly app open on black tablet.

With Readly, you get unlimited access to 6000 titles, from National Geographic Traveller and Cosmopolitan to TIME Magazine and The Guardian. From tech, news, health, celebrities, entertainment, cars and more - there really is something for all our Virgin Red members. 

You can deep dive into your interests, discover new titles to curl up with, and reconnect with old favourites. You can even share your subscription between five people, meaning you can share with friends or family and turn pages into Virgin Points. 

Image of Readly app on white tablet.

But how can you get your Virgin Points? 

You can earn Virgin Points with Readly in three simple steps:

  1. In the Virgin Red app or website, tap “Get Points” to go to the Readly website.

  2. Follow the steps to sign up for a subscription.

  3. Enjoy one free month, and then points in your pocket when you pay for months two to four.

How many Virgin Points can you earn? 

You can earn 250 points when subscribed for two, three and four months (up to 750 in total) when you become a Readly subscriber. A stack of newspapers and magazines to enjoy and a load of points to have fun with? It doesn’t get much better than that.

Image of Readly app open on black smartphone.

What could I do with my Virgin Points?

For example, 750 points could get you three Greggs sausage rolls, doughnuts or muffins (200 points each) or two regular hot drinks (300 points each). If you chose to save up your points over time, you could get Sofar Sounds tickets for two allowing you to enjoy live music at an intimate gig or a Graphite Collection voucher from Virgin Experience Days, so you can pick from 57 great experiences from stadium tours to glossy photoshoots. 

Or, if you’re more of a travel guru, Virgin Red is your passport to exploring more, so whether you want to sail the seven seas or soar through the skies, there’s experiences for all ages, appetites, and adventurers. Namely, you can fly to Paris or Amsterdam with 4,000+ points*.

At Virgin Red, there are more than two hundred rewards to choose from, across five different reward categories. Our rewards come in all shapes and sizes – from the small treats that make the everyday better like a sausage roll from as little as 200 points or cinema tickets, to bigger extraordinary experiences like watching a concert live from the exclusive Virgin Red Room at Manchester's AO Arena – the possibilities are endless!

So read to your heart’s content and watch your points balance grow. Maybe then you can take reading from your bed to reading on a hammock somewhere tropical. 

P.S. We always do our best to include the most up to date information but our offers do change from time to time. Click on each offer in the Virgin Red app or website for the current points price and all the details.

* Points rate quoted is based on the standard season price for a one-way Economy ticket. Taxes, fees and carrier-imposed surcharges apply and vary according to destination and date(s) of travel. Reward flights are subject to availability.