Tips for leading a team remotely from Virgin Media Business

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Natalie Clarkson
by Natalie Clarkson
3 May 2020

With millions of people across the world now working from home, Virgin Media Business has shared some tips on how to manage teams when you’re not all in the same location.


The technology you’re using is going to play a huge role in how you’re working now, if it wasn’t already. With your team suddenly spread across the country, or possibly even the world, you’re going to need to find tools that will help you to stay connected and productive.

Tools like Office 365 and Google Drive can help. They both enable instant collaboration across documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Virgin Media Business says that bringing people “together to work on the same live document can help facilitate a free-flowing exchange of ideas, streamlining the creative process and reducing unnecessary drafts and email exchanges”.

If you need to work out which tools you should invest in, Virgin Media Business suggests asking your team these three questions about the biggest challenges they face when working remotely: 

  • Do they struggle to stay in touch with other team members?

  • Are the logistics of managing projects or new clients too time-consuming?

  • Do they have a good enough internet connection to access all the online resources and tools they need to do their job remotely?

Virgin Media has been investing in solutions to help you set up your team remotely. Take a look at the video update from managing director Peter Kelly below to find out more.

Connecting with your team

It’s all well and good having the tech to keep your team working, but it’s important to consider their wellbeing as well as their work output. 

Virgin Media Business says: “Use the tech at your disposal to build a sense of unity, engagement purpose in your team. Morning briefings via video call are an excellent way of catching up with team members on key projects and assignments, as well as an opportunity for everyone to socialise and catch up with one another. Scheduling team calls should be the norm, but unless it’s urgent, try to limit these to one or two each day, so your team also has plenty of time to work on other things uninterrupted.”

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Bear in mind that some of your team may have other responsibilities that they’re juggling with their work – such as homeschooling children or looking after elderly relatives. As long as the team is productive and work is getting done, it doesn’t matter if it’s is happening between 9am and 5pm. Encourage your team to set work hours and stick to them so they find balance with their personal lives.

And remember, Virgin Media Business is on hand to help. Visit the Virgin Media Business website for more advice on transitioning to working from home.