Testing bundles by Virgin Atlantic: Your answer to a stress-free holiday during COVID-19

A Virgin Atlantic cabin crew member wears a face mask and stands in front of a plane
Virgin Atlantic
by Jessica Harrison
14 May 2021

As international flights resume on Monday 17 May holidaymakers are already gearing up to resume normal life by booking last-minute holidays abroad. 

The government’s new travel traffic light system means that we’ll be kept safer while travelling. If you're excited to book your next trip but you're struggling to get your head around all the rules, restrictions and the traffic light system, don't worry – Virgin Atlantic has testing packages with everything you need. 

There are 12 countries on the ‘green’ list that require a negative test to enter the country and no quarantining. The amber list, which includes over 100 countries, is a little more complicated, requiring a number of Covid-19 tests, quarantining and paperwork. While this is all to keep us safe and coronavirus levels low, it’s an added hurdle to navigate while you book your well-deserved break. By offering these travel testing bundles according to your desired destination and whether it’s on the green or amber list, Virgin Atlantic aims to make flying abroad as easy and stress-free for you as possible despite the ongoing pandemic. Let’s be honest, we all need to unwind after the year we’ve had, and how better to do that than with a summer getaway?

A female member of staff for Virgin Atlantic wearing a face mask speaking to a customer
Virgin Atlantic

Testing packages with everything you need

Partnering with Prenetics, a leading Covid-19 testing provider, Virgin Atlantic is offering customers easy and competitively priced at-home testing packages, tailored to your Virgin Atlantic destination where at-home tests are accepted. You can order a ‘Green’ package or an ‘Amber’ package, where both will include exactly what you need at every stage of your travel. With enough to think about while packing, getting to the airport in time and making sure your accommodation and itineraries are all in place, the packages will remove any worry about receiving a fine or not being able to travel.

Starting from £152 for a 'green' country and £179 for an 'amber' country, the round-trip travel bundles are initially available for Virgin Atlantic destinations Israel, Nigeria and Grenada and as requirements ease, this list will likely expand. The bundles include all the tests customers require and include a convenient remote 'test to carry' rapid antigen test, which can directly detect the presence or absence of Covid-19 in minutes and can easily be administered by customers before returning to the UK, meeting England's pre-departure testing requirements. The packages will also include UK Government approved arrival packages for day two and/or eight of self-isolation at home. There’s also an option to add a PCR test, which is sent to a lab with quick results, at day five for early release from quarantine, where this applies for amber countries. 

A member of Virgin Atlantic cabin crew wears a mask while standing in Premium Economy on a Virgin Atlantic plane
Virgin Atlantic

Fast and reliable testing

Prenetics and Virgin Atlantic have already planned for the sudden return to foreign travel, and can provide the scale, reliability, flexibility and speed to ensure customers will get their packages quickly and easily, for a great price. And for extra peace of mind, the pre-purchased bundle can be easily changed if a destination moves into a different category, with customers simply required to pay the difference or issued a refund.

You can easily add on additional tests if needed, with a PCR test costing just £55, and rapid antigen tests priced at £26 each. The results of the rapid antigen test are returned within 15 minutes and for PCR tests, customers send their sample via a return envelope to an accredited Prenetics lab and will receive their results within 24 hours of receipt at the laboratory via email or notification on the website. The new service is an expansion of Virgin Atlantic's existing testing partnerships, including an online lab locator tool and airport testing. 

Image from Virgin Atlantic
Virgin Atlantic

How to order

From the Virgin Atlantic Covid-19 testing at home page, customers will be directed to the dedicated Virgin Atlantic and Prenetics microsite, specially developed for Virgin Atlantic's customers, where they simply select the country they are travelling to, and the tests will be packaged up into a bundle. The easy purchase process removes any complexity from complying with travel testing regulations, at a competitive price and with the knowledge that Prenetics offers reliability, and fast turnaround times.

Customers will also receive clear and detailed step-by-step guidance on the Prenetics website. Customers receive a "Fit to Fly" test certificate, that can be presented digitally, used in the digital pass solutions Virgin Atlantic is trialling for a seamless journey, or in paper format as a backup.

Visit Virgin Atlantic to find out more.