Staying connected with Virgin Mobile Colombia

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by Tania Steere
1 April 2020

Staying connected to loved ones all over to the world is incredibly important right now.

 Virgin Mobile Colombia is giving out free SIM cards loaded with data and minutes to mobile health units so that the frontline workers can stay connected while helping people around the city.

They are also giving customers over the age of 70 free unlimited minutes to all operators – so they can stay at home and still keep in touch. 

For those who want to dance alone with no interruptions, Virgin Mobile Colombia is also upgrading customers who use their music app Lola from a Top Chart to a premium package.

If you’d rather get your sweat on with a personal trainer then head over to Virgin Mobile Colombia’s Instagram page, where they are sharing Virgin Active’s workouts you can do at home.

There’s no need to go out to pick up a SIM card – get in touch with Virgin Mobile Colombia on their WhatsApp chat and they will pop it in the post.

All of Virgin Mobile Colombia’s agents are also working from home safely while the outbreak continues.

Head over to Virgin Mobile Colombia for more information.