Speed boost for Virgin Media customers

Virgin Media
Virgin Media
Natalie Clarkson
by Natalie Clarkson
8 November 2022

Virgin Media O2 is giving millions of Virgin Media customers a broadband speed boost at no extra cost.

Customers on M100 and M200 broadband packages have been upgraded to M125 and M250 services – with speeds increasing by up to 24%.

Customers on the new M125 package will get a 22% uplift with average speeds of 132Mbps. And those with the new M250 service will enjoy average speeds of 264Mbps, up 24% on their previous speeds.

All customers need to do to benefit from the new speeds is reboot their Hub by switching it off and on again, or via the Virgin Media Connect app.

Virgin Media O2's first electric van
Virgin Media O2

This upgraded speed means customers on the M125 package can now download a 4K movie in just 15 minutes – a full four minutes faster than with their old broadband speeds. M250 customers will be able to download 4K movies in just seven minutes and 30 seconds – that sounds like the right amount of time to grab a drink and some snacks from the kitchen while it downloads.

Jeff Dodds, chief operating officer at Virgin Media O2, said: “Virgin Media O2 set out with a clear aim to upgrade the UK, and giving millions of our customers enhanced value through our latest broadband speed boost is another step towards this.

“As reliance on connectivity continues to grow – and at a time when value matters more than ever – we’re proud to be giving our customers even more, on us.”

If you’re looking to upgrade your connectivity, you can get the new M125 and M250 bundles for the same price as the previous lower tier speeds, starting from just £26 a month for M125 and from £30 a month for M250.

Visit Virgin Media to find out more.