Second set of passengers complete a successful Virgin Hyperloop test

Tanay and Anne sit in the Virgin Hyperloop XP-2 pod
Virgin Hyperloop
Natalie Clarkson
by Natalie Clarkson
17 November 2020

Following its first successful passenger test, Virgin Hyperloop’s second set of passengers have travelled on its test loop.

Anne and Tanay were the second set of passengers to travel on the test. Tanay is a power electronics specialist for Virgin Hyperloop. He grew up in Pune, India, which is one of the locations that Virgin Hyperloop plans to build a hyperloop.

He said: “Working on hyperloop – let alone being one of the first to ride it – is truly a dream come true.”

A hyperloop route between Pune and Mumbai would cut journey times from three and a half hours to less than 35 minutes. Virgin Hyperloop predicts it will also bring around 1.8 million new jobs to the region once it is up and running.

Currently there are 75 million passenger journeys between Mumbai and Pune each year – a figure which is expected to grow to 130 million by 2026. Virgin Hyperloop’s system can meet this growing demand by supporting as many as 200 million passengers annually.

The first passengers to travel on a hyperloop were co-founder and chief technology officer Josh Giegel and director of passenger experience Sara Luchian.

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