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Three Virgin Wines alcohol advent calendars in front of a Christmassy scene
Virgin Wines
Natalie Clarkson
by Natalie Clarkson
2 September 2022

Normally we’d be against talking about Christmas in September, but it's just over 100 days away and we don't want you to miss out on Virgin Wines' brand new advent calendars for 2022.

This year, the advent calendars are sporting a fancy new wreath design and up to 30% less packaging too.

A Virgin Wines wine advent calendar next to bottles of wine on a table, in front of a Christmas tree and fireplace
Virgin Wines

There are three wine advent calendars to choose from for 2022: a mixed, an all-white and an all-red. All three feature 24 outstanding, single-serve bottles of wine and the star of the show – a full-size bottle to enjoy on Christmas Day.

Virgin Wines gin advent calendar next to small bottles of gin and a gin glass in front of a Christmas tree and a fireplace
Virgin Wines

Virgin Wines’ gin advent calendar is perfect for any ginthusiast. It features 25 different 5cl bottles of premium craft gin – which will make a brilliant double G&T. There’s an eclectic mix of styles including London Dry, Old Tom, Navy and flavoured. And you’ll find gins from big names such as Whitley Neil and Keepr’s, as well as a selection of smaller, craft gins such as Henley’s and Virgin Wines' exclusive Festival Spiced Orange.

A Virgin Wines beer advent calendar on a table next to cans of beer and a glass of beer, in front of a Christmas tree and a fireplace
Virgin Wines

If you’re hoping for a hoppy Christmas this year, you can’t go wrong with the Virgin Wines beer advent calendar. The Virgin Wines team has found 24 of the best brews they could get their hands on. The beers come from all corners of the world including Belgium, Denmark, the USA and, of course, England, and cover a range of styles from pale ales to hazy IPAs. Plus the beers are all brand new to Virgin Wines this year, so even if you've had a Virgin Wines beer advent calendar in the past, you'll be trying something new every day.

All the advent calendars are available to reserve for just £10 right now on the Virgin Wines website. Visit Virgin Wines to find out more.