Meet Virgin Voyages' second ship – Valiant Lady

The mermaid design by Hillary Wilson for Valiant Lady
Virgin Voyages
Natalie Clarkson
by Natalie Clarkson
12 August 2021

Virgin Voyages’ second ship, is getting ready to set sail in spring 2022. And the cruise line has just revealed the mermaid design on the side of its brand new ship.

Who is Valiant Lady?

The mermaid represents the beautiful tension between strength and vulnerability – a woman who is unafraid of her own power and never backs down. She was created by artist Hillary Wilson. Hillary wanted to convey the balance between the two and drew a mermaid who is confidently moving forward toward her dreams.

Hillary’s background is in classical art and medical drawing, allowing her to draw inspiration from both sides: one that’s more creative and less exact, and the other which is extremely precise. This results in a mermaid that looks like a real woman, a work of art that celebrates the human form in all its glory.

Hillary says that she’s inspired by the diversity of people in the world that she has an opportunity to paint. That’s what drives and inspires her creative process. She told Virgin Voyages: “The breadth of people that live and exist in the world – I feel so lucky that I get to experience them and create art from them. How lucky are we to get to paint all these kinds of people? To rejoice in all the kinds of people that exist and all the ways you can draw them.”

Virgin Voyages always knew it wanted an inclusive group of mermaids to reflect and celebrate diversity and Hillary knew that was important for the brand. She said that she generally tends to draw her subjects as Black, if not otherwise specified, noting that “you don’t need permission to make someone Black.” Virgin Voyages is purposefully trying to be more inclusive and make sure that its models, brand logos and depictions of people aren’t predominantly white. It wants to reflect the real, beautiful world that we all live in – allowing more than just white people to take up space, seeing only themselves and their stories represented.

Valiant Lady
Virgin Voyages

What does Valiant Lady have to offer?

Valiant Lady offers sailors curated itineraries featuring longer port stays and overnighters in some of Europe’s most idyllic islands and effervescent cities, allowing Sailors to experience destinations how they want, when they want.

It gets even better... When it comes to additional costs, Virgin Voyages has you covered - all food, soft drinks, group fitness classes, entertainment and Wi-Fi are all included. All tips and port taxes are also covered.

With menus crafted by Michelin-starred chefs, the responsibly sourced food makes it easy to strike a balance. From their first-to-sea Korean BBQ and elegant steakhouse to the 24/7 diner, Virgin Voyages take food, and the experience around it, seriously.

This is your holiday and they’ve made it a point to ensure that you get a healthy dose of Vitamin Sea… This means there are no kids on board. From workout classes and gym facilities to luxe spa treatments, the adults-only voyage gives you plenty of chances to relax, rejuvenate, and restore. And if you want to sit back and do nothing, fresh-pressed juices served poolside will make “nothing” feel like everything.

Valiant Lady’s routes

Can’t wait to get on board Valiant Lady and set sail to somewhere fabulous? Here are some of the itineraries on offer on Virgin Voyages’ second ship:

  • Coast the Canary Islands, Spain, & Portugal an 11-night voyage setting sail from Portsmouth, UK, with stops in La Coruña, Funchal, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Gran Canaria, and Lisbon.

  • Long Weekender in Zeebrugge a three-night cruise from Portsmouth, UK, to Zeebrugge (Bruges), with time to explore the historic seaside town.

  • Late Nights in Portugal and Spain – a one-way, 12-night sailing from Portsmouth, UK, to Valiant Lady’s homeport in Barcelona, stopping in La Coruña, Lisbon, Cádiz, Gibraltar, Málaga, and Palma de Mallorca along the way. 

  • The Irresistible Med – a seven-night voyage from Barcelona, sampling the Med and its islands, visiting Toulon, Marina di Carrara, Ajaccio, Cagliari, and Ibiza.

  • French Daze & Ibiza Nights – a seven-night cruise from Barcelona, experiencing French glamour in Marseille and Monte Carlo, before partying the night away in Ibiza.

  • Spanish Obsession – a seven-night voyage from Barcelona to experience a selection of Spanish delights, including Palma de Mallorca, Gibraltar, Málaga, and Ibiza.

Visit Virgin Voyages to find out more and book your first voyage with Valiant Lady now.