Make the most of life beyond work – with help from Virgin Red

Anna Brech
by Anna Brech
2 August 2022

The past couple of years have had a huge impact on how we live our lives – not least when it comes to work, and putting in long shifts, from home. Virgin Red, however, can help. Our rewards club is set up to bring a little bit of extraordinary every day to members’ lives.

What this means is, rather than being glued to a computer 24/7, Virgin Red members have access to a wonderland of inspiration on how to live their days. This might involve anything from an online language course to savings on a holiday in Orlando. In fact, just browsing the dizzying selection of rewards on offer at Virgin Red will be motivation enough to shake off those lockdown cobwebs and look to horizons new. 

Say “so long” to your comfort zone


The research is clear: when you work overtime, you’re more likely to make mistakes and lose sight of the bigger picture. It's no wonder that the UK is now trialing a 4-day week after several countries found productivity didn't drop and workers are happier. One way to break the 'rise and grind' cycle is by cutting free from your daily routine and trying something completely new. 

This may involve cruising through the skies on a helicopter buzz flight (9,500 Virgin Points), or taking a classic Ford Mustang for a spin, and hearing the roar of the engine in your ears (6,000 points).

Whatever floats your boat, these experiences – and many more – promise to shake up your everyday, and emphasise the thrill of being alive.

Brush up on your skills set


It’s clear that working overtime damages productivity and even your health, but it can also wind up with you being disillusioned. When you do the same thing, day in and day out, giving it every last scrap of your energy, you fast run out of steam. 

What you need in this scenario is a confidence boost; one that comes from developing your skills in an entirely new direction. With Virgin Red, for example, you could learn to speak Spanish or Mandarin (6,250 points). You could discover what it's like to fly an ex-military plane with the Top Gun experience (105,000 points).

Learning something new is your “hell, yeah!” moment: a little nudge to fire you up with the things that make you passionate beyond the daily grind. 

Press reset with a holiday


Wherever your bucket list leads you, it all begins with Virgin Red. Maybe coconut cocktails on a Bajan beach are your thing (get Points Plus Money savings on Virgin Atlantic flights to Barbados from 3,000+ points*) or perhaps the mystical allure of Thailand is calling (42,000+ points for reward flights*). If that doesn't do it for you, maybe a Tanzanian safari has your name on (reward flights from 24,000+ points*) it?

Lock in time with the people who count


By far and away the biggest casualty of working so hard is time to spend with your loved ones. The more hours you put in, the less you see of your friends and your family: the very people, in fact, who make life worth living and give it that magic sauce.

One way to start balancing the scales is to lock in activities with the people you cherish. It’s no good simply pledging to spend more time with them. Instead you have to make that happen via a three-course meal with wine for two at Brasserie Blanc (8,000 points), a comedy night out for two (4,000 points), or a paintballing day out for four (7,750 points).

The bottom line? There’s so much more to life than work – and Virgin Red is here to help you prove it, one fun experience at a time.

* Taxes, fees and carrier imposed surcharges apply to all Virgin Red reward flights. Points based on off-peak rates.