How Virgin Media is helping with homeschooling

A woman on a laptop with her two daughters at the table homeschooling
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Natalie Clarkson
by Natalie Clarkson
13 January 2021

With the UK back in lockdown and families facing the challenges of homeschooling again, Virgin Media is helping to make sure everyone stays connected.

As part of the Department for Education’s ‘Get help with technology’ programme, Virgin Mobile is offering an additional 20GB of mobile data per month to ensure families that need it have internet access so their children can take fully embrace remote learning and not get left behind. The support is available via the Department for Education and must be applied for through your child’s school.

Virgin Mobile is also giving students the means to access learning resources without using up their data. Children can use Oak National Academy, which provides online lessons and resources for free across all key stages, even if they have no data left on their plan for that month.

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Helping vulnerable customers

Virgin Mobile is also offering vulnerable customers extra minutes, messages and data free of charge until the end of March. For vulnerable customers on Pay As You Go contracts, they’ll get an extra 500 minutes, 500 text messages and 1GB of data for free each month, while Pay Monthly customers will receive unlimited minutes and 10GB of data.

The provider launched its Essential broadband service last year, offering an affordable, reliable and hassle-free connection for customers who receive Universal Credit. The plan costs £15 per month for a 15Mbps connection, with no fixed-term contracts and no price changes while Universal Credit payments are being received.

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