How to use your Virgin Points to support small businesses

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by Virgin Red
15 August 2022

Small businesses experienced a boom in support over the last couple of years and according to research that’s showing no signs of slowing down.

The good news is, if you’re looking to shop small you can use your Virgin Points to spend on Virgin Red with businesses that have received support from Virgin StartUp.

Virgin StartUp is a not-for-profit organisation that offers Start Up Loans, mentoring, advice and support for entrepreneurs to help them start and grow their businesses.

Saint Fragrance

Saint Fragrance is a family-owned, sustainable start-up based in London. Its fragranced candles are carefully crafted using raw, vegan ingredients and are designed to both compliment all home interior styles and enhance wellbeing.

A Saint Fragrance Powdery Skies scented candle on a blue background with white flowers

Powdery Skies candle

Lounge above bergamot and musk-infused cloud tops, playfully soaring within a sensual blanket of orris powder and white tea. Sustainably sourced Sri Lankan black pepper and warming Indian ginger snugly blend with fine Virginian cedarwood to leave an understated, yet cosy, trail.
A Saint Fragrance Old Fashioned scented candle

Old Fashioned candle

An ironically modern scent. This candle will deliver a warm glow and unique, resonating atmosphere to any space. The timeless Bulgarian rose oil is framed by a distinctive accord of suede and benzoin, all resting within a shadow of glowing embers and raw Haitian vetiver.
Saint Fragrance Rose Whispers scented candle on a pink petal background

Rose Whispers candle

Voluptuous and room-defining, once lit this modern chypre scent, framed by natural Bulgarian rose oil, unfolds to reveal flirtations of red berries, violet leaf and lychee. A burning bouquet of peony and transparent jasmine smoulder within an eclectic shadow of sumptuous labdanum, white musk and Indonesian patchouli.

Billy Tannery

Billy Tannery is a Midlands-based business that creates handmade leather goods. All of its products are made from goatskins leftover from the food industry that would have otherwise been thrown away or burned.

A brown leather key wrap on a wooden background

Key wrap

This beautiful Billy Tannery leather key wrap is made from two layers of vegetable-tanned goat leather to give extra protection and an opulent feel in your hand. The leather combines softness with durability, making this key case a home for four to five keys for years to come.
A person holding a navy blue Billy Tannery leather cardholder wallet

Cardholder wallet

Upgrade your wallet game with this quality leather cardholder made in Britain from supple, durable goat leather. This slim little number will fit perfectly in your jeans pocket so no unsightly bulges to be seen. Billy Tannery's goat leather is incredibly durable and hardwearing, so no kid gloves needed.


Freestar is an award-winning alcohol-free and gluten-free beer. It was started by three friends who’d had enough lame alcohol-free beers and sodas, so created a great tasting 0.5% beer. 

A person pouring a Freestar alcohol free beer from a can into a glass

Freestar alcohol-free beer

Enjoy Freestar beer any time with zero guilt, just all of the great flavour you'd expect from an ice-cold brewski. Savour its crisp, refreshing taste on hot summer days or cold winter nights — it's always delicious.

Potion London

Potion London is a luxury wellness brand that seeks to take the stress out of supporting optimal nutrition with its range of food supplements.

A bottle of Potion London Beauty London surrounded by cherries

Beauty Formula

The Beauty Formula contains 19 vitamins and minerals, developed specifically to help promote healthy skin, nails and hair. Get ready to get your glow on.
A bottle of Potion London's multibiotic supplement surrounded by confetti

Multibiotic Supplement

Sometimes your body doesn’t get the friendly bacteria it needs. Potion has created a food supplement that provides 5 billion probiotic bacteria alongside a supporting prebiotic base. This multibiotic supplement contains six carefully selected strains of good bacteria for maximum probiotic effectiveness.
A bottle of Potion London's Eat Your Greens supplement surrounded by leaves

Eat Your Greens Supplement

A food supplement packed full of greens, all in one bottle. The perfect way to boost your five-a-day. This food supplement contains 6 organic sources of nutrients – spirulina, barley grass, wheat grass, spinach, kale and beetroot.


THEENK Tea is a tea brand that puts your wellbeing at its heart. Its different blends of tea bring various benefits, from waking you up and getting you pumped up for the day to helping you get a good night’s sleep.

THEENK Tea's box of teas

21-day tea programme

With names like Morning Glory, Afternoon Madness and Evening Delight, how could you resist this box of healing teas? Created by a herbalist and a nutritionist, you're guaranteed to enjoy and benefit from this programme.
A deluxe wellness giftbox

Deluxue wellness gift with THEENK Tea

Everything in this award-winning box, made by small producers, positively supports the environment and your inner well-being. It's a treat that will make you feel fantastic way past 21 days.


Seilich products are made from wildflowers handpicked in Scotland. Their heady scent is even more delicious as they don’t impact the environment, and they're better for your skin.

Seilich products surrounded by wild roses

Handmade cosmetic set

This gift set includes wild rose and mallow face mist and moisturising lotion, delicate perfumes that warm the heart. They'll revitalise the skin within seconds and they smell divine. An excellent pick you up in the morning or relaxant in the evening.
A woman making botanical extracts in a garden workshop

Make your own botanical extracts workshop

At this half-day workshop, you'll learn about botanical extracts, from floral waters and essential oils, teas and tisanes, to infused oils and glycerites. Each technique is demonstrated, and you'll have the opportunity to make some extracts of your own.
Seilich skincare bottles

Make your own natural skincare workshop

The session begins with a walk through the breathtaking wild meadows at Seilich, where you’ll learn about the plants and why they’re used in natural skincare. Then head to the workshop and put your new-found knowledge to the test to make three separate skincare products of your very own.


art-K provides children with a rounded art education in drawing, painting and 3D modelling. The art class environment is encouraging, inclusive and non-competitive. This allows every student to go at their own pace, developing their unique skill-set. Over time, students grow significantly in confidence, expression and creativity. This confidence can change their perception of themselves, as well as the perception others have of them. 

A child giving a thumbs up while holding a cat mask they have made up to their face

Children's introductory art class

This unique Art-K class gives plenty of one-to-one time to develop your child's skills and confidence. It will stretch their imaginations and creativity, and they'll make some beautiful artwork. A great addition to your fridge collage.
A child holds up a drawing of a rhino they have produced

Children's two-hour workshop

Think your child is a budding Picasso or just want them to develop their skills? This experience will ignite their imaginations and encourage self-expression through art.

Rebel Book Club

Rebel Book Club is not your average book club. Whether you want to rekindle your love of nonfiction, form a lifelong habit, or turn book insights into action, it exists to help you up your reading game.

Learn from authors and experts on a huge variety of topics and regularly connect in-person and virtually with a fun crowd who will keep you accountable.

A woman holding a copy of the book Finding Your Element to the camera

Three month Rebel Book Club membership

You might feel you've got your book game on point, but how about a book club that reignites your love of non-fiction books? Be energised and encouraged to be an open book and read beyond your usual titles.
A person holding a copy of the Book The 100-Year Life to the camera

Six month Rebel Book Club membership

Take a leaf out of someone’s book and join a club that’ll choose and debate non-fiction titles with you. This global online club allows your tribe to vote for the next read, so you’ll be on the edge of your seat. And it’ll help you be more book smart.

Clarity Blend

Clarity Blend is a family business born out of the founders’ need to reconnect with themselves and nature, and achieve a more harmonious way of life. They created aromatherapy blends inspired by their happy memories of growing up surrounded by the aromatic meadows of the Bulgarian countryside.

A Clarity Blend gift hamper

Wellness aromatherapy pamper gift set

Choose from 2 luxurious wellness sets for some well-deserved pampering: the Ultimate Pamper Set or the Mind Spa™ Pamper Set. Bring the spa experience into your home with a large pamper hamper, beautifully presented in a fully recyclable eco-friendly gift box.
Five small bottles of essential oils infront of a box that reads Clarity Blend Pick Me Up

Pick Me Up pulse point essential oil gift set

In need of a ‘Pick Me Up’? After a long day (or even a short one), come back to the comfort of your own home for some much deserved TLC. These Essential Oils are essential indeed. The collection contains five best-selling Pulse Points Roll Ons: Mind Spa™, Sweet Dreams, Energy Boost, Heart Chakra and Active Life. These five blends each bring their own magic from more restful sleep to instilling a sense of calm to energy-boosting and creative-inspiring.
Five small bottles of essential oils in front of a box that reads Clarity Blend Home Sanctuary

Home sanctuary diffuser gift set

This set contains a selection of pure essential oil blends that combine beautifully to compliment and enhance each other's properties. In other words, five little bottles of bliss. Perfect to use with any diffusers, the oils are all hand-blended in the UK using vibrant, natural aromas to achieve their divine scent.

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