How to earn 500 points in a heartbeat with Virgin Red

Anna Brech
by Anna Brech
26 October 2022

Points are easy to earn when you’re part of Virgin Red. You can just be going about your daily life – ordering a Friday night takeaway, or shopping online for a pair of trainers – and hey presto, you’re earning points in the process.

It’s oh-so simple, especially if you start small – with enough points to begin bagging yourself a few everyday rewards like a daily doughnut from Greggs. Here’s how to hack your way to the 500 point mark: your first step on the ladder to a Virgin Red life that’s full of surprises.

Join Virgin Red

There’s no quicker way to earn 500 points this winter than by joining Virgin Red. For a limited time only, new members will get 500 Virgin Points credited to their account within days of signing up. That’s enough to treat yourself to a Greggs hot drink or start saving for something bigger – spend or save as you wish! T&Cs apply.


Order a Just Eat takeaway

What is life without a Friday night takeaway? Life just gets rosier with great food involved – especially when you throw choice, glorious choice into the bargain. With Just Eat, the selection of take outs never stops flowing, from local pizzeria treats to spicy tofu curries, mezze sharing dishes and so much more. Virgin Red members can earn up to 25 points for every £1 spent at Just Eat, which means you can bag yourself 500 points just like that with a £25 spend. All the more reason to save on the washing up, non

Buy a new pair of trainers

Trainers make the world go round, and there’s never a bad time to buy them. Need to upgrade your workout, find a pair of holiday sneaks or simply start the new season in style? There’s trainers to match your every whim, in a chorus of colours, textures and on-point styles. Whether you’re shopping online at Adidas, Nike or New Balance, you can earn a whole bunch of points from yours truly every time you buy. Smooth.


Book your summer escape

Summer may feel a lifetime away but it's never too early to think about spreading your wings – Amsterdam is calling, France is looking fab or you may want to pop by marvellous Marbella. However you choose to book a European city break, there’s eight points to earn for every £1 you spend with That means you’ll get rewarded for the happy act of planning your next great escape; clocking up points in a pip for yet more adventures. 


Send flowers to loved ones

Whether it’s your mum, your best mate or your better half, a hand-tied bouquet is bound to bring joy to the most important people in your life. And just by ordering a seasonal bunch from luxury florist Appleyard London, you can earn Virgin Points. Say you tick off two birthdays and an anniversary in one; that could be 500 points in the bag. Treats for other people, rewards for you – everyone’s a winner.

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