How to be more Maverick with Virgin Red

Image of a pilot in a cockpit during a flying lesson
Virgin Experience Days
by Sarah Crake
9 May 2022

The eagerly-anticipated Top Gun: Maverick is finally landing in UK cinemas on 27 May after two years of delays and just like the original, Maverick promises to deliver plenty of jet-fuelled action. Tom Cruise first hit our screens as Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell in the original Top Gun 35 years ago, and this cult classic – with its catchy dialogue, uplifting storyline and legendary soundtrack – holds a special place in fans’ hearts. 

So if you (still) feel the need—the need for speed”, then Virgin Red has some epic ways to help you channel your inner action hero.

Buckle up and hold tight

It doesn’t get more Maverick than this exhilarating Top Gun Experience with Virgin Experience Days, bookable with Virgin Red. For 105,000 Virgin Points, an ex-military pilot will teach you air combat manoeuvres and how to handle g-force. You’ll also look the part as every aspiring pilot who takes to the sky gets to wear the cool flight suit, too! 

Pull a stunt

Wannabe stunt doubles and adrenaline junkies can earn 10 points for every £1 with Virgin Experience Days on this extreme white knuckle ride. Fly at speeds of over 100mph in the world’s top performing competition plane, the Extra 300, and experience loop-the-loops, barrel rolls and the Cuban eight. This experience is definitely not one for the faint-hearted…


Head for heights

Top Gun’s aerial combat scenes and elite flying skills inspired many to become pilots, so if you’re keen to take to the skies (just not upside down) then prepare for take-off with a 30 minute flying lesson

For 15,000 Virgin Points, guests can soar above the English countryside and discover what it’s really like to pilot a plane. One-on-one tuition from a Civil Aviation Authority-licensed instructor ensures expert guidance is on hand when it’s your turn to take control. Better yet, if you’re an aviation enthusiast entertaining the idea of a new career, your flying time will count towards a Private Pilot’s Licence, too.

Virgin Experience Days
Virgin Experience Days

Big screen experience

Action scenes are best seen on the big screen, and for 1,350 points, Virgin Red members can get film tickets for Vue. With super-sharp 4K screens and Dolby Sound bringing those gravity-defying flying scenes to life, you can immerse yourself in the middle of Maverick’s dogfights.


Fly Upper Class to LAX 

Feel like a movie star and treat yourself to a Virgin Atlantic Upper Class upgrade from 14,000 Virgin Points (plus taxes, fees and carrier-imposed surcharges), one way. Start your journey in style in the airline's world-famous Clubhouse. Once onboard, enjoy fine food and drink in the fabulous bar. Luxurious flat beds ensure you arrive refreshed and ready for all that LA has to offer... 


California dreaming 

With endless sunshine and palm-lined streets, LA offers a big bucket list of star-studded attractions. Virgin Red members can earn 4 Points per £1 with Virgin Holidays - all more reason to book a Hollywood vacay right now. 

Discover the magic of the silver screen and epicentre of the movie industry with a tour of Universal Studios, Warner Brothers, Paramount or Sony Pictures. Follow it up with a real pinch-me moment by hiking up to the iconic Hollywood sign with Tinseltown twinkling below.

If you plan to on stay longer, hire a car to explore more west coast wonders. Top Gun Maverick was filmed all over California, including China Lake and San Diego, both just over two hours' drive from Los Angeles. 

Style up your summer with a pair of aviators


Aviators have always exuded hero vibes, and wearing a pair of these pilot sunglasses will make you feel the sky’s the limit. Back in 1986 when Top Gun premiered, sales of Ray-Ban Aviator Classics skyrocketed, so it’s no surprise that with Maverick’s release, aviators are slated as a key eyewear trend again this summer.

Virgin Red members can earn 6 Virgin Points for every £1 at Ray-Ban, and with so many takes on the classic gold frame with green lens (RB 3025s), you’ll be sure to find a pair that suits your summer style. 

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