How to support your employees health and happiness

Virgin Pulse Employee Wellbeing Month 2020
Virgin Pulse
Clare Kelly
by Clare Kelly
9 June 2020

June is Employee Wellbeing Month – a time to profile the workplace’s role in helping create healthier, happier employees. 

Launched by Virgin Pulse in 2009, 2020 marks the 12th year of Employee Wellbeing Month. Given the immense changes everyone is experiencing with how and where they work, it is more important than ever.

Organisations that care about their employees’ wellbeing lead to more productive, engaged workforces, they create magnetic company cultures and they drive quality recruitment and retention.

As people all across the globe endure unexpected changes, uncertainty and hardships, the team from Virgin Pulse are spotlighting the clear steps that can be taken to prioritise employee wellbeing.

To help all employees reach their full wellness potential Virgin Pulse has created an Employee Wellbeing Toolkit. This will help employers empower their people to be their best selves every day, wherever they are.

Quote from David Osborne, CEO of Virgin Pulse: "Small, incremental changes in your activities or routines turn into daily habits."
Virgin Pulse

The toolkit includes dozens of resources such as a calendar, tips, activity ideas and more to help support a workforce’s health and happiness throughout the month of June and beyond.

The most successful organisations don’t just focus on physical wellbeing. They also support employees’ need to develop healthy habits when it comes to sleep, stress management, mindfulness, work-life balance, condition management, financial health, and more.

Alongside their toolkit Virgin Pulse are also conducting a month-long virtual event to empower health, wellbeing and safety leaders to connect, plan and navigate with confidence. THRIVEx is an opportunity to hear weekly from experts and thought leaders and learn how workplaces are responding and adapting to an imminent "new normal".

THRIVEx sessions are hosted every Tuesday from 1-4 pm ET (5-9pm BST) throughout the month of June. Register here to be the first to hear exciting keynote announcements and weekly updates.