Hit back at 2020 with Virgin Active’s Aqua Bags

Man smiling in red boxing gloves.
Mike Harrington/Getty Images
Asher Harris
by Asher Harris
20 October 2020

Virgin Active is rolling out a brand new way to punch - Aqua Bags. Unlike traditional punching bags, Aqua Bags are filled with water instead of more common materials, such as sand, sawdust, and fabric. 

They absorb punching impact better than traditional bags as well as having less movement. This means you can hit harder, for longer, without worrying about damaging your wrists and hands. The lack of movement means you’ll have more freedom to try out new punching angles and body movements - a whole new way to train.

They’re currently available at these London branches:

  • Wandsworth 

  • Walbrook/Cannon Street

  • Kensington

  • Mayfair

  • Barbican (closed until further notice)

Hit harder, have more fun, with less wear and tear on your body.

If you’re already a member of one of these health clubs, ask one of the members of staff for more tips and information on your next visit. If not, check out Virgin Active’s website today to find out the benefits of being one. 

If your gym isn’t on the list, ask a member of staff and/or keep an eye on Virgin Active's social media to find out when they’ll be arriving.