Going green: Virgin Media O2 reveals first electric vans

Virgin Media O2's first electric van
Virgin Media O2
Natalie Clarkson
by Natalie Clarkson
10 November 2021

Virgin Media O2 has revealed the first electric vehicle in its new fleet – as well as plans to install EV charging points at all of its fleet drivers’ homes.

Virgin Media O2 is working to transition its fleet of vehicles to EVs by 2030 and is committed to supporting the rollout of charging infrastructure nationwide. It will offer free charging points to its fleet drivers and also continue to deploy charging points alongside its fixed and mobile network rollout across the UK.

Already Virgin Media O2 has ordered 280 new Vauxhall e-Vivaros to carry out service and install visits at customers’ homes across the UK. The company will continuously review its fleet and look to transition to battery electric vehicles as quickly as possible to support a greener economy.

Tracey Herald, Head of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability at Virgin Media O2 said: “With a fleet of 4,300 vehicles visiting millions of homes and businesses every year, we have a responsibility to swap to cleaner, more sustainable alternatives as soon as possible. I’m proud that we’re introducing the first EVs to our fleet, and giving our valued field engineers access to the charge points they need to keep moving.

A female Virgin Media engineer
Virgin Media

“The only way to encourage businesses and the public to make the switch to EVs in time for the UK’s 2050 net zero target is by making vehicle charging points widely available and accessible to all. We’re eagerly anticipating the Government’s EV strategy and plans for wider infrastructure rollout, and together with Liberty Charge, we’re committed to using our expanding national network and street furniture to help put charging points where they need to be – and drive the UK towards net zero.”

Since 2020, Virgin Media has been working with Liberty Charge (a joint venture between Virgin Media O2 joint owner Liberty Global and Zouk Capital) to install electric vehicle charging points alongside its existing infrastructure and ongoing network build programme, and support the transition to EVs. Liberty Charge and Virgin Media O2 are continuing to work together to assess where they can follow a ‘dig once’ strategy – deploying fixed and mobile solutions at the same time as EV charging stations. As well as streamlining the installation process and making it more convenient for all, this helps create the foundations for the smart-city networks of the future.

Neil Isaacson, CEO of Liberty Charge added: “At Liberty Charge, our goal is to tackle the chronic under-supply of easily-accessible on-street charging in the UK and help councils meet the very clear public need of the millions of households who need reliable, cost-effective EV charge points close to their home. As our delivery partner, Virgin Media O2 is instrumental to this goal – deploying the infrastructure required and working with local authorities to overcome any delivery obstacles faced. And it doesn’t stop there: by the end of the year, our Charging Network will be operational in six local authorities, with more than 500 sockets open to the public and with many, many more to come in 2022.”

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