Gig1 broadband for 10 million UK homes

A female Virgin Media engineer
Virgin Media
Natalie Clarkson
by Natalie Clarkson
13 September 2021

10 million homes across the UK can now make use of Virgin Media’s fastest-ever broadband.

Virgin Media O2 has expanded its gigabit network across the UK, with the latest switch-on adding 1.7 million homes in Blackpool, Cambridge, Leicester, Nottingham, Oxford, Swindon and more. The network provider is spearheading the charge with gigabit speeds available on two-thirds of its national network – and plans for the entire footprint of 15.5 million homes to be upgraded by the end of the year. Gigabit broadband is 17 times faster than the UK average broadband speed. 

Lutz Schüler, CEO at Virgin Media O2, said: “We’re rapidly expanding our gigabit broadband network and more than 10 million homes across the UK can now access these next-generation speeds.

“As the UK’s largest gigabit provider today, committed to connecting our entire network to these speeds by the end of the year, our investment is helping the UK meet its broadband targets and providing consumers with connectivity fit for the future.”

A female Virgin Media engineer
Virgin Media

Gig1 – faster speeds, new router and competitive pricing

Customers taking Gig1 will benefit from Virgin Media’s gigabit-capable router – the Hub 4. The router is Virgin Media’s fastest to date and features intelligent WiFi firmware to provide speedy and reliable connectivity throughout homes.

The Hub 4 can manage connecting multiple devices at the same time around the home, all sharing the same hyperfast speeds. Gig1 customers will also be able to take their connectivity to the next level with Intelligent WiFi pods – which are available at no extra cost. These can help to tackle any WiFi blackspots around the home, giving faster and more reliable speeds in hard-to-reach locations.

Gig1 broadband is available to new and existing customers and can be packaged with or without telephone, TV and mobile services. Prices start from just £62 per month on an 18 month contract. 

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