Get ready for Virgin Media’s fastest mobile connection

Virgin Media 5G
Virgin Media
Natalie Clarkson
by Natalie Clarkson
25 January 2021

Virgin Media has launched 5G services in 100 towns and cities across the UK – and there’s more to come soon.

Customers who opt for a new 5G plan will have Virgin Media’s fastest, most powerful mobile connectivity at their fingertips – meaning no more worries about streaming, surfing, video-calling and gaming when out and about.

With an average speed of 176.62Mbps (around 4.5 times faster than 4G), Virgin Media’s 5G is available on a range of plans, including SIM only and Pay Monthly, at no extra cost. 

New 5G plans include the brand new Samsung Galaxy S21 with unlimited data for just £42 per month. Plus you’ll get all the added extras you’re used to with your Virgin Mobile4G plan – data-free WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook Messenger, data rollover and flexible airtime allowances. 

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If you’ve already got a 5G device that you purchased from Virgin Media from April 2020, you’ll automatically receive a boost to 5G services. You won’t need to lift a finger – there’s no need to swap your SIM card or activate the service.

Partnership with Vodafone

Virgin Media’s 5G services work exclusively on the Vodafone network, and customers who upgrade to 5G will be seamlessly migrated to receive their mobile services from them.

New and existing customers with a 4G plan on Virgin Media’s mobile service will stay on EE’s network until Virgin Media’s agreement with BT Enterprise comes to an end later this year. All mobile customers should have transitioned to the Vodafone network by early 2022.

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