Smashed it: Get a free screen repair with Virgin Media

A woman holding a phone with a cracked screen to her head.
Pretorianphoto/Getty Images
Asher Harris
by Asher Harris
20 October 2020

Smashed your phone screen and need it repaired? Accidents happen. That’s why Virgin Media is offering a free screen repair for your new phone, just in case. 

According to recent research by Virgin Media, a third of Brits are living with a broken phone. Life with a phone that's not working can be tough, but Virgin Media’s here to save the day for all those smashed screens.

Ariel Skelly/Getty Images
Ariel Skelly/Getty Images

Virgin Media’s one-off screen repair service is available on selected handsets for new and existing pay monthly customers who upgrade before 8 November 2020. It’s yours to claim anytime in the next 12 months, there’s no catch and nothing extra to pay.

Don’t worry if you’ve smashed or cracked the screen of your shiny new iPhone 11 Pro or your gorgeous Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G. Virgin Media has got it covered.

If you want to take advantage of this offer, make sure you join Virgin Media or upgrade by 8 November 2020. 

For more information check out the Virgin Media website. 

The legal bit:

Offer is available until 8 November 2020. One free screen repair on eligible handsets. Valid for 12 months or until point of successful claim. Handset must not have any fault in addition to the damaged screen in order to be eligible for screen repair. Handset will be returned within five working days of being sent in for repair. In the rare event the handset cannot be repaired, a comparable replacement will be offered. The insurer is WDP Insurance Limited.

Full terms available here.