Five highlights from Virgin Radio in November

Chris Evans in the studio for his first day at Virgin Radio
Virgin Radio
Natalie Clarkson
by Natalie Clarkson
30 November 2020

November was a busy month for Virgin Radio. From switching on Christmas lights to helping to end period poverty, the teams around the world have been hard at work. Take a look and have a listen to some of the highlights from November 2020…

Virgin Radio UK: Chris Evans switches on the Christmas lights in Marlow

Breakfast radio DJ Chris Evans went on a secret mission in the Buckinghamshire town of Marlow this month, switching on the Christmas lights in the middle of the night. With the usual switch on event not possible due to COVID-19 restrictions, Chris and his son Noah took to the streets in the dead of night to surprise residents with a festive glow. 

Virgin Radio Calgary: Operation Period

Throughout November, Virgin Radio Calgary ran Operation Period, collecting tampons and sanitary pads for Calgary’s Drop-In Centre. More than a third of women and girls in Canada have to sacrifice something else within their budget to afford menstrual products and Virgin Radio Calgary wanted to help them because no-one should be without menstrual hygiene products.

Take a look at the results of their campaign.

Virgin Radio Lebanon: Supporting local talents

Virgin Radio Lebanon has done a lot to support its local community since the devastating explosions in Beirut in August. Recently, it highlighted the talents of Lebanese people on its Instagram, sharing videos from local singers and musicians. 

Virgin Radio Dubai: World Record for the Kris Fade Show

The Kris Fade Show has set a new Guinness World Record, for the Fastest Game of Five Cup Tilt-a-Cup. They beat the previous world record of 40 seconds by an amazing 24 seconds and set a new Guinness World Record of 16.29 seconds.

Virgin Radio UK: Matthew McConaughey shares his life lessons

Hollywood superstar Matthew McConaughey joined the Chris Evans Breakfast Show this month to talk about his new book, Greenlights. In the clip below, Matthew talks about his view of the world.

Read more of what happened in the interview on the Virgin Radio UK website.

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