Five classes you need to take with Virgin Active

Virgin Active Australia reformer pilates class
Virgin Active
by Jessica Harrison
20 August 2021

Want to try something new this summer? Get inspired with this list of unique exercise classes you can take at your local Virgin Active club and have some fun while getting fit. Workout from home or take us with you on your summer hols, we’ve got you covered from anywhere with unlimited online workouts in our Virgin Active App. And with locations in the UK, South Africa, Australia, Italy and more, Virgin Active knows its stuff.

Grid Training

Grid Training is Virgin Active’s go to high intensity workout. A 45 minute workout comprising of bodyweight, dumbbell, kettlebell and cardio equipment (run, row & cycle). Grid Training combines real-life moves, accessible for all and with community at its core. 

Two men doing arm swings with weights
Virgin Active

Grid Training is perfect for both solo workouts and community workouts, whichever you feel comfortable with. For a studio workout with others, you can enjoy team challenges and partner workouts.  

Grid training is for both beginners and exercise enthusiasts. Grid Training gets harder when you want it to, softer when you need it to. Go on, give it a go.

Find your local club to view the class timetables.


Enjoy Calm, Align and Flow classes. Virgin Active believes Yoga is for everybody and every body. With classes based on the Ayurvedic principles of the three Doshas; whatever your energy, there’s a class that will leave you feeling balanced.

A group of people doing yoga in a studio at Virgin Active
Virgin Active

Try one of the many forms of yoga available at Virgin Active clubs.


Music, movement and mindfulness – find it all in a cycle class. If your thing is power, data or a party we'll have something that’s right for you. It’s all about the good vibes, awesome music, immersive experiences, passionate instructors and positive results – for mind and body.

People in a Revolution class at Virgin Active
Virgin Active

You might not be quite ready to go to a nightclub on a Saturday night yet - but with Virgin Active's Cycle studios, you’ll feel like you’re there. You’ll leave stronger, fitter and with a clearer head, as well as legs of steel.

Join a Cycle class this week.

Reformer Pilates

Looking for something a little different? Try Reformer Pilates. Work, stretch and strengthen in a class that blends Pilates principles with functional training. Improve your core strength, reduce your risk of injury and improve your balance with this unique way of training on the Reformer bed.

Virgin Active
Virgin Active

Don't be fooled, Reformer Pilates is not just for stretching, it builds strength, stamina and stability. You'll seamlessly slide and glide through a full-body workout in a Reformer Pilates class. It will help you build areas of the body that are typically weaker and lengthen areas that are often tight. When you walk out after a class, you'll feel more connected to your inner body and completely grounded.

But don't be tempted to skip the beginners' class, it's worth getting to know the basics before you sign up for an intermediate class.

Find out more about Reformer Pilates and book yourself a class today.


Feeling frustrated, angry, pent-up, or just need an exercise class that will get all your energy out? Unleash your inner strength and boost your fitness with a high intensity workout, whatever your level with a Punch class. Work on the skills you need for solid boxing credentials as you build speed and explosive power. Punch comes in two flavours; how far you go and how hard you throw. Open to beginners and experts and everyone in between, Punch classes will help to make you stronger, increase your hand-eye coordination and increase your speed and balance. 

A man and a woman boxing
Virgin Active

In Boxing at Virgin Active, you’ll develop your fitness with cardio-based moves for all abilities. Focusing on conditioning, you’ll build strength, power and a lot of confidence. Each Punch class will focus on one to make sure your boxing is balanced and you leave fighting fit.

Find out more about Punch classes on the Virgin Active website.

More of a dancer?

Virgin Active also provides dance workouts on their social media channels, such as live workouts on International Dance Day. Recent studies show dancing is more popular than ever - helping to boost weight loss, improve muscle strength, flexibility and reduce stress. It’s a form of self expression that helps us to connect with the joy of movement.

Virgin Active give you something to ‘Dance’ about this International Dance Day

So get inspired and have some fun while keeping fit.