Find your perfect summer shades with Tens

by Limara Salt
24 June 2022

When the sun starts blazing down and every week feels like a heatwave, the hunt for the perfect summer accessory intensifies. Whether your style leans toward big Elvis aviators, a Gigi Hadid cat eye, or full 1970s Elton John, there is a pair of sunglasses for everyone. 

But if you’re after a stylish pair with lenses that suit your look and improve your mood, Tens has all you need to find your perfect summer shades. And if you’re a Virgin Red member, you can use your Virgin Points to buy a pair from their collection.

Founded in 2014 by three Scottish photographers, Tens creates unique coloured lenses designed to enhance emotion and wellbeing. The brand, now sold in over 20 countries worldwide, is known for its inclusive attitude, cool style, and exceptional value for money. 

The idea all came from one conversation between co-founders, Marty, Tom and Kris, when on a road trip through the Scottish Highlands. On a particularly grey day, they wondered if they could make real-life look like summer all the time, not dissimilar to editing photos. They started working on the idea during that trip, later launching on Indiegogo and gaining investment from the Branson family.


Normal sunglasses protect your eyes by dispersing light across the entire colour spectrum, making your surroundings look dark and gloomy. However, Tens have taken the colour balance theory and applied it to a lens by assigning more light to warmer, golden, happier tones.

The team worked with a light psychologist in 2018 and learned that as humans have been using fire for millions of years to cook, “the connection between a warm orange glow of a flame and the feeling of safety, comfort and social interaction is something that’s ingrained in our biological makeup”.

As the co-founder, Marty explains: “We just wanted to create a lens that made everyday life look like a 35mm photo of Venice Beach in the ‘70s, so it’s cool to know that there’s some psychology behind our theory that these tones genuinely make you feel happier.”


As the name suggests, the Original lens started it all, with the custom tinted lenses with warm, rich tones that make your world glow. Other options include Evergreen, the newest lens to join the Tens family, which makes your world a lush tone and will turn the sky teal thanks to strong hints of cerulean. 

Boulevard will swap your surroundings for the violet-blue tones of dusk in Los Angeles, while the emerald greens with citron tones of Spectachrome were inspired by Wes Anderson’s 2012 film Moonrise Kingdom. Last but not least is Tropic High, a nostalgic and uplifting rich golden tint with mood-enhancing viridescent. 

Use your Virgin Points to nab a pair of Casey sunglasses with Original lenses in Matt Light Tort, Tommy sunglasses with Tropic High lenses, Classic sunglasses with Original lenses in Matte Black, or Weston sunglasses in Original. 

Kickstart your summer and grab a pair of Tens sunglasses for 11,000 Virgin Points.

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