Find your flow with creative rewards from Virgin Red

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Anna Brech
by Anna Brech
21 February 2022

If you think of life as a plate of fish and chips, creativity is the ketchup – it just makes everything better. Research shows that when we’re absorbed in creative tasks, it reduces anxiety and sparks the feel-good hormone dopamine.

This is especially true when we’re in a state of “flow”: meaning we are so taken up with an activity that nothing else seems to matter and we lose all track of time. In today’s hectic world it’s surprisingly hard to find moments of flow – but Virgin Red, the new rewards club from Virgin, can help. 

Virgin Red members can choose from all kinds of creative rewards, from practical workshops to imaginative gifts and books that spark big ideas. At a time when we’re forever busy, these rewards are your cue to relax and reconnect with the little things in life that bring joy or inspire you. 

Here are five rewards to help you get in the flow with Virgin Red using your Virgin Points (find out how to earn them here). Let the creativity commence...

Learn how to make wildflower skincare products 


Seilich is a Virgin StartUp company whose skincare products are sourced from Wildlife Friendly botanicals homegrown in Scottish meadows. For 8,200 points, Virgin Red members can learn how to do the same, in a half-day workshop full of therapeutic oils and floral scents. You’ll find out all about how to make your own botanical extract products, as well as having time to hang out in Seilich’s scenic meadows – surrounded by nature. Bring on those creative vibes.

Unplug on a digital detox

For creativity to flourish, it helps to have some peace and quiet. So, if you have a whole load of Virgin Points to splash, a three-night cabin break for two (63,500 points) could be perfect. You and a loved one can escape all the bleeps and distractions with an off-grid retreat from the folks at Virgin StartUp company Unplugged. This is a chance to lock that phone away and unwind in beautiful forest land. After a few days here, surrounded by the sounds of nature, who knows what ideas will spring up. 

Join a global book club 


There’s nothing like books to open up a world of imagination, and with Virgin Red, that world is in easy reach. Make the most of a three-month Rebel Book Club membership for 6,400 points to discover modern non-fiction books you’ve never come across before. You’ll embark on your reading journey with a global community of book lovers – with regular online meetups (and some real-world events, too) to share thoughts and feedback. 

For an extra dose of creativity, you can also order a copy of Virgin by Design for 6,250 points, and unlock visual inspiration galore from iconic Virgin companies. 

Craft your own personalised jewellery

To truly get in the flow, look no further than this charm-making workshop from personalised jewellery brand Posh Totty. You’ll learn how to handcraft your own meaningful keepsakes from sterling silver, with hand-stamped personalisations as a finishing touch. This session is for two people, so bring a pal along, and – bonus – enjoy Prosecco together to aid the creative process. Hurrah. Available via a Virgin Red voucher for Virgin Experience Days’ Scarlet Collection.

Tap the creative energy of scent


Did you know that scent can help you think more creatively? The proof is in this 2017 study, which found that participants who slept surrounded by an orange-vanilla diffuser were more innovative as a result. To drum up your own creative scent, why not treat yourself to a delicious-smelling candle from luxury suppliers Saint Fragrance – yours for 6,250 points. You could even pair this with a 21-day tea program from Virgin StartUp company THEENK tea (7,000 points), for added creative fuel. 

Find out more about Virgin Red, Virgin’s new rewards club that revolves around you, right here