Fill your life with adventures – without even leaving your bed

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Anna Brech
by Anna Brech
6 April 2022

You don’t need a one-way ticket to Tahiti to unleash your inner explorer; adventure is an attitude. It’s about packing your bag full of life experiences, popping on your “I can do this” sunglasses and revving up for the journey ahead. 

Learning new skills, stretching your limits, saying “yes” to things you never tried before – these all count as adventures. In fact, studies have shown that just one new activity a day is enough to instantly boost your mood. 

Better still, you don’t even have to leave your bed to kickstart the action. With Virgin Red, the rewards club from Virgin, a trove of extraordinary online experiences await from yours truly – all up for grabs online or via the Virgin Red app. 

So, what are you waiting for? Snuggle down and get set to tap your wild side with Virgin Red’s pick of life-affirming adventures, below – all available with Virgin Points at the swipe of a thumb. 

Learn to speak Greek


Opa! A future filled with beaches and the glistening Ionian sea is yours for the taking via Virgin Experience Days’ online language school: available for 6,250 points on Virgin Red. Since learning is a proven happiness habit, you’ll be mixing up those feel-good vibes simply by tuning in. But the adventure scales up a level when you consider what doors you’ll unlock by speaking Greek. Goodbye desk job, hello running your own rustic taverna on an idyllic island in the Med.

Shake it on down 

Dancing is basically like ice-cream for the soul; science shows you can’t help but feel good when you’re busting some moves. Virgin Red promises to amp up the volume further, thanks to a vinyl edition of Kings and Queens by Jamie T for 3,000 points. Pop on this pick-me-up album and slow-groove your way round the living room. Who even needs TV? 

Help support Guide Dogs


So here’s a pub quiz fact for you: acts of kindness make happy people happier. Not to mention, the fact that doing good opens up your world to a fleet of new people and different perspectives. You can help yourself to a slice of this goodness by donating 1,000 points of your Virgin Points to Guide Dogs. Support this charity’s vital work and find out more about their heroic four-legged friends. 

Channel your inner Picasso

You only have to look at his bold, abstract paintings to know that Picasso was a guy who knew how to have fun. And you too can channel his artistic flair. How? With Virgin Experience Days’ 12-module online colouring course, available via a Virgin Red Amber Collection voucher for 8,750 points.

Turns out, colouring in is a deeply soothing activity that puts your brain in a meditative state of chilled-out focus. So grab those crayons and hop on-board for a journey of creative expression – who knows what talent lies within…

Big up your booze collection


Boozy adventures fall into a class of their own. Give your lockdown supply a facelift and cheers to new summer freedoms with a case of delicious Virgin Wines for 12,000 points, featuring some of the world’s finest independent producers.

Book an escape to Morocco

Now for an actual holiday – and where better than the hazy hills of Morocco? (as travel rules allow, of course). Kasbah Tamadot is a Virgin Limited Edition hotel and one of the most luxurious boltholes you’ll ever have the pleasure of calling home for a few days. Treat yourself and a friend to a three-night getaway here for 240,000+ points, and get pampered in style in the beautiful Atlas Mountains.

Plan the ultimate New York weekend 


If you’ve been missing the buzz of life in the past year – People! Shops! Events! – New York can help plug the gap. Few places can rival the city that never sleeps for sheer energy and joie de vivre. Waltz down Broadway, climb up the Empire State Building or mosey around the boutiques of Manhattan and know what it is to be alive. Virgin Red reward flights to the Big Apple are yours for the taking now, from 20,000+ points with Virgin Atlantic. 

Don’t have points? The adventure continues

Of course, you may not even have any Virgin Points yet – and if that’s the case: good news. With Virgin Red, not only can you spend your points on a dose of adventure – you can earn them doing the same thing, too. It’s a non-stop roller coaster over here, we tell you… 

Start earning Virgin Points with anything from Upper Class flights to LA to a holiday in St. Vincent. Not to mention lots of mini adventures (buying flowers, make-up or furniture, binging on Virgin Media shows) in-between. What do you do once you’ve earned these points? Book more adventures, of course. It’s a virtuous circle of bucket list moments.

P.S. We always do our best to include the most up to date information but our offers do change from time to time. Click on each offer for the current points price and all the details.

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