Faster brings us closer

Still frame from Virgin Media's Faster brings us closer TV film
Virgin Media
Kami White
by Kami White
22 July 2021

Virgin Media has launched the second instalment of its 'Faster brings us closer' campaign to celebrate the intergenerational and connective power of music.

As the UK’s fastest widely-available broadband provider, Virgin Media understands the important role it plays in bringing people together and connecting them with the things they love.

Faster Brings Us Closer

The film follows a budding singer-songwriter, played by visual artist and musician Lava La Rue, who stumbles across a 90s jungle track recorded by their father and dedicated to them when they were a child. The discovery inspires the daughter to remix their own version with new lyrics, titling the track ‘For You’, before paying tribute to their father live on stage.

Directed by Maceo Frost at Knucklehead, the son of a renowned drum and bass DJ, the film celebrates the power of connectivity, family, and music.

Virgin Media also worked with its employee networks and interal Belonging Collective when creating the campaign to ensure it was authentic and accessible.

Cilesta Van Doorn, Executive Director of Brand and Marketing at Virgin Media, said: “The ‘Faster brings us closer’ series fuses Virgin Media’s purpose of ‘building connections that really matter’ with what the brand is known for most – speed – and the second chapter of this campaign tells another familiar story of connection.

“In our latest TV film, we’ve played homage to the 90s jungle scene and worked with cultural experts ON ROAD and our internal Belonging Collective to bring the story to life in the most authentic way possible.”

To support the new film, Virgin Media will launch a TikTok challenge featuring Lava La Rue’s track in August. Virgin Media is also teaming up with Spotify to develop a bespoke music legacy generator, enabling its customers and music lovers all over the globe to learn more about the heritage of their favourite songs and the tracks that inspire them. Watch this space!

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