Earth Unscrewed: Making a Splash

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Clare Kelly
by Clare Kelly
27 June 2018

This week on Earth Unscrewed we hear about the most abundant molecule on the surface of the Earth – water.

In this, the final episode of the inaugural series, Helen and Seyi discuss why there isn't enough water to go around and meet people priming the pump to tackle the water crisis head on.

Water covers nearly 3/4 of the whole planet, yet in many places, water is the most precious commodity there is. As the climate changes, both urban and rural communities are facing water scarcity and we need to start thinking about how to value and conserve this precious resource. 

White text over an image of the sea, that reads 'Episode eight. Making a splash with guests Christoph Gorder, Charity Water, Wesley Noble, Virgin Active South Africa
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In this episode we hear Christoph Gorder, Chief Global Water Officer at charity: water, discuss the process behind bringing clean and safe drinking water to developing countries and how charity: water are improving the health, education, and opportunities for those in need. 

Also in this episode Wesley Noble from Virgin Active South Africa discusses the drought in the Western Cape and how Virgin Active responded to the problem by making operational changes to help unscrew the situation.

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