Could you be a Virgin Points Millionaire? Eight amazing reasons to try with Virgin Red

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Anna Brech
by Anna Brech
22 February 2021

Ready to join the millionaire’s club? Here’s how to spend the 1M Virgin Points jackpot currently on offer at Virgin Red.

Adventurists, get set. Freebie fans, shake a tail. Game-lovers, look alive. Because Virgin Red has got the reward of a lifetime up for grabs.

Between now and 7 March Virgin Red are offering one lucky member the chance to become a Points Millionaire. That’s a dazzling confetti of ONE MILLION Virgin Points (drum roll please) to spend on whatever rewards you fancy. And it could be all yours in exchange for a daily spin of the Virgin Red wheel. 

A woman being offered a glass of champagne on a tray
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Whoever bags this wondrous windfall will have plenty of questions to ponder. Questions like, “Which Caribbean island shall I fly to first when lockdown eases?” and “Am I a Morrocan luxury spa kind of person?” or even, “Is it time to meet the big cats of the Cape?” 

But first things first: you need to get yourself in the race. Tune into the Virgin Red app and tap on “earn points” to enter into our marvellous Millionaire points draw. As well as the 1M jackpot, you’ll be in with a shot of landing a smaller daily prize of between 200 and 5,000 Virgin Points. 

But as for the top dog prize – the crème de la crème of giveaways – here’s a little inspiration on how you might spend your golden cache of one million Virgin Points, to get your head fully in the game. 

Someone put the champers on ice: St. Barts beach is calling…

Book a boutique spa break – once a month for a year

A luxury spa
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We don’t know about you but our lives are lacking a certain je ne sais quoi right now. We could do with a few extra wood-fired hot tubs. A luxury hammam or two. Maybe even a hot stone massage followed by afternoon tea as we cocoon ourselves in a soft, waffle-style dressing gown.

If you’re with us, it’s worth knowing that for 42,500 Virgin Points you can land a Virgin Experience Day Chrome Collection reward – many of which feature UK spa stays for two at beautiful hotels such as Appleby Manor in the Lake District or Newcastle’s award-winning Slieve Donard Resort. Once hotel spas are up and running again, you could book an opulent spa break every month for a year with your million points – and still have half a mill in spare change to your name. Get in.

Spa time, here we come...

Take a dreamy dive Down Under – with a stopover in LA

Sydney Harbour in Australia
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Nothing says “bucket list escape” like a one-way ticket to the Land Down Under, with its hefty helping of beaches, wildlife and sensational desert landscapes. As a Points Millionaire, you can hop on a Virgin Atlantic reward flight to Sydney for 120,000+ points, meaning you can start your holiday with a bang in one of Australia’s brightest urban jewels (when travel restrictions allow, of course). After you’re done taking the sights of this magnetic city, leap on up the coast to Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef or head inland for Uluru or – who knows? – an epic train ride to the wilds of Western Australia. 

The flight is your ticket into this adventure, and you can top it up with an Upper Class upgrade (hello VIP check-in) from 56,000+ points – as well as a stopover in LA, land of the stars, en-route should you fancy. You are a millionaire now, after all. 

All aboard for Australia!

Order a six-bottle wine case

Four people raise glasses of red wine in the air
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Hello, hot shot. Being a Points Millionaire means living out your fantasy lifestyle in avenues large and small. So while you’re busy plotting out your next five-star getaway to a St. Vincent retreat, you can also order a year’s worth of top-notch wine. At 12,000 points a pop, a case of vino handpicked by the experts at Virgin Wines is a delight in itself. But to really get the good times rolling, you can order a case every day for a year with your jackpot prize – and still have half a mill leftover on the other side. 

Treat you and your loved ones to new tastes and flavours from some of the world’s best independent wine-makers and discover a whole new world of vino. In fact, if you think of it in that way, this is almost educational – a millionaire’s masterclass in the language of fine wine. 

Bonjour, wonderful wine

Dine out in Britain’s best restaurants – whenever you feel like it 

A table set for afternoon tea at a restaurant
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Farewell, baked beans on toast. With your Points Millionaire crown on, you’ll have some of the UK’s most imaginative cuisine at your fingertips, complete with unique settings and magnificent views. Take, for example, a three-course meal for two at Marco Pierre White's London Steakhouse Co. – a taste of the sweet life that is preceded by tickets to The View from The Shard with its 360-degree views of the capital. This experience is yours for a mere 12,000 points. Or you might like to fritter the odd 7,250 points on a two-course dinner with prosecco at a Raymond Blanc White Brasserie pub – one in a series of venues that showcase the French chef’s fabled gastronic flair. 

To up the ante a little, why not opt for a Charbonnel et Walker chocolate afternoon tea with champagne for two at the 5* May Fair Hotel (17,500 points, as part of Virgin Experience Days’ Scarlet Collection)? Or a Sunday market tour and Italian cookery class at Marylebone’s beloved La Cucina Caldesi (21,000 points as part of Virgin Experience Days’ Azure Collection)? You don’t have to be Einstein to work out that, as a Points Millionaire, you can dine out on literally hundreds of these unique foodie experiences. 

Hurrah for fine dining

Kick back in Morocco’s Kasbah Tamadot – a millionaire’s paradise

Kasbah Tamadot
Virgin Limited Edition

Picture this. You’re in a heated infinity pool overlooking the hazy Atlas mountains, one of North Africa’s most spectacular alpine ranges. Your skin is glowing for that damask rose-infused facial you just had, and you’re pondering whether to upgrade your room to a Berber Tent with a private hot tub – or perhaps you’ll have dinner in the atmospheric courtyard, with candlelight flickering off the intricate stonework. 

This is the reality that awaits you at the award-winning Kasbah Tamadot hotel nestled in the foothills of Morocco. For 255,000+ points, you can book a three-night stay here with a friend and revel in all the little luxuries that Virgin Limited Edition's magical mountain retreat can throw at you. A must-try slice of the millionaire lifestyle for when we can all move freely again. 

Morocco, make space

Live life on the edge – from a parachute jump to Silverstone supercars

Two people doing a tandem skydive
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Millionaires don’t just sit around perfecting their manicures, y’know. If you want to live and breathe the brave heart soul of a red-blooded Points Millionaire, you have to get out there. Embrace the world and its multitude of delights. Get that adventure radar roaring. Dive nose-first with a thrilling-yet-terrifying leap into the unknown and know what it is to be alive.

Happily for you, a mere snippet of your million-point fortune is enough to get a good few heart-pumping moments under your belt via Virgin Red rewards. 42,500 Virgin Points unlocks a Chrome Collection Virgin Experience Day, including the prospect of taking a Ferrari F430 Coupe for a spin around the Silverstone Grand Prix circuit – or you could brave a parachute jump from an aircraft at 3,000 feet. Got adrenaline leftover? Why not book in for a de Havilland Dragon Rapide Flight over London, and feel the rush of blood in your ears.

Adventurists, let’s go

Cut a dash to the Caribbean – 50 times over

A green classic car drives down a road lined with palm trees next to the beach
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Cool Cuba Libres in downtown Havana. Beach life and boat trips in easygoing Antigua. All the sunshine you can possibly order in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Let’s face it, the Caribbean is an absolute dream destination for many of us right now – a place where the sun Gods shine down with balmy intensity and palm fronds sway gently in the breeze. Virgin Atlantic reward flights to seven destinations in the Caribbean come in 20,000+ apiece, which means that – as a Points Millionaire – you can practically set up home here.

The only real issue is, where to first? Will you knock back a Mustique Mule or two in the celebrity hot spot of Basil's Bar on St Vincent – rubbing shoulders with clientele including Kate Moss and Prince William? Or will you slip on your dancing shoes and hip-sway a route through Cuba’s iconic salsa bars? Maybe you can plunge into the magical marine world of coastal Grenada – home to the finest dive sites on Earth. However you choose to experience this sublime neck of the woods, consider Virgin Points (one cool million of ‘em) your passport in. 

Caribbean ahoy

Tap your inner Attenborough – with lions, lemurs, leatherback turtles and more

A giant sea turtle under the water
YasserBadr_Beenthere/Getty Images

Speaking of the Caribbean, it really is a great spot for wildlife enthusiasts – with the opportunity to spot sea turtles, Tobagonian pelicans and even swimming pigs in their natural habitat. But if you’re a true animal person, Virgin Points has lots more pinch-me moments in the offing, too. For example, for 17,500 points, you can get to feed a posse of super-friendly ring tailed lemurs as part of Virgin Experience Days’ Scarlet Collection. 

A few points more at 21,000 will unlock Virgin Experience Days’ Azure Collection – with the possibility of a boat trip for four to see puffins, dolphins, seals and other sea life off the coast of Cornwall. Or for 50,000+ points, you can fly premium to Cape Town and marvel at the sight of big cats prowling the bush on safari. Penguin encounters, owl handling or even llama trekking are also in the mix as part of the Virgin Experience Day edits. So you and your million points have every excuse for some wild (and very special) forays. 

Wild times ahead

So, what’s the verdict? Are you ready to get your mitts on any one of these wow-worthy experiences – along with a full flotilla of further fabulous rewards? 

Don’t miss your chance to join the millionaires club and make your everyday extraordinary with Virgin Red’s exclusive Points Millionaire contest. 

Have your game face handy and get set to fill yer boots with rewards – it’s time to live life large.

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