Amp up your life: how to spend 5,000 Virgin Points this month with Virgin Red

Happy woman
Anna Brech
by Anna Brech
20 August 2021

Our new Virgin Red rewards club is ready and waiting, with a fleet of delectable treats to spend your Virgin Points on. And – because it’s you, and you’re friends of ours – these rewards come in all shapes and sizes.

So sure, you can save and splurge on Upper Class tickets to Antigua. But you can also start spending your points right away with our treasure chest of everyday pick-me-ups. Fancy a Greggs sausage roll to make that lunch break go with a swing? We’ve got you. Like the idea of vinyl records to jazz up your evenings? Your wish is our command. Small pleasures are all part of the way we roll here at Virgin Red. 

Come check out some of the best little ways you can light up your life using 5,000 Virgin Points or less this month – the fun begins right here. 

Muffin going on


Freshen up your mornings with a daily muffin or doughnut from Greggs. For 200 Virgin Points a go, you can get your mitts on a steady stream of Greggs muffins, doughnuts or Greggs sausage rolls (vegan options also available). If you consider that a month has around 21 week days in it, that’s a tasty tidbit to keep you going Monday-Friday all month long should you wish – and with a few points left over the other side. Happy days. 

Pump up the volume

There’s a reason why vinyl sales are soaring right now. Nothing beats the comforting ritual  of popping on a record and losing yourself in the time-honoured art of music, pure and simple. It’s less a playlist, more an experience. Let those tunes loose with Bad Blood by Bastille, Illuminate by Shawn Mendes or Tim by Avicii – all available in classic vinyl for under 5,000 points each. 

Food bank hero

The Covid-19 crisis has made food poverty more widespread than ever. The good news is, you can help by donating 1,000 points to the Edinburgh Food Project via Virgin Red’s Points for Good project. This great local charity provides three days' nutritionally balanced emergency food and support to people who need it. Your Virgin Points will be converted into cash donations that go straight to helping those who need it most. 

Amsterdam calling


Culture, cakes and canalside cafés: Amsterdam is the perfect weekend getaway, and you can help yourself to a slice of it with Virgin Red. For 4,000+ points, you can land one-way flights to this captivating capital. This is your ticket to cool boutiques,  world-class museums and all the Stroopwafel you can possibly eat while pedaling alongside Amsterdam’s charming waterways. Book now and travel whenever you want/ rules allow. 

Wilderness beauty 

Virgin StartUp company Seilich conjures up beauty products from the wildflower fields of Scotland. For 4,100 points, you can pamper yourself with their natural, sustainably made treats including wild rose and mallow face mist and moisturising lotion. What better way to bring joy to your evening rituals? 

Oh wow, Orlando


At Virgin Red, we’re all about living life bigger – including working up to that bucket list break. Spend 3,000 points towards a Virgin Holiday in Orlando, and bag a bargain for less with the start of an unforgettable break to The City Beautiful. For all you kids or kids-at-heart, this is your route into a fun family holiday in Disney World and other amusement parks that beckon in America’s most magical state. Save now with Points Plus Money, and bring that dream getaway one step closer to a reality. 

Take that, cancer

Everyone knows at least one person who’s been affected by cancer – but our friends at Cancer Research UK are turning the tide. For 1,000 points, you can donate to their vital work increasing survival rates, using cutting-edge science and tech. Unleash your inner champion with Virgin Red’s Points for Good initiative, converting points into cash donations, and help save lives. 

Hug in a mug


It’s a truth universally acknowledged that coffee makes the world go round. And now you can get your caffeine kicks for 300 points a pop. That’s 15 cups of the good stuff from Greggs per month for under 5,000 points – plenty enough caffeine to keep those bright ideas burning. Fuel up your working day with a coffee on Virgin Red: or push the boat out and have a Greggs hot chocolate for the same amount of points. You only live once, after all.

Gift to remember

Virgin Red is full of little gifts that are brimming with personality – including this lovingly crafted wooden bookmark (1,100 points) from The Eve Branson Foundation. Set up by Richard Branson’s late mother, this small charity works with young people in the Atlas region of Morocco, providing them with artisanal skills-training. The unique bookmark is one in a number of treasures that showcase their work, designed to preserve traditional Moroccan and Berber crafts. It’s carved with the Hemingway quote, “There is no friend as loyal as a book.”