7 top Virgin Experience Days for cocktail-lovers to try

Anna Brech
by Anna Brech
21 June 2022

You know how the saying goes: when life gives you pineapples, make piña coladas. 

The rich history of cocktail-making can be traced back all the way from Ancient Greece to Shakespearean times, when tankards of “sugar sack” (a warm blend of ale, sherry, eggs and mace) were all the rage. Fast-forward to the present day, and our appetite for a good cocktail shows no signs of abating – only now we want to make as well as taste them. 

Luckily, this is exactly the kind of activity the guys at Virgin Experience Days excel at. True spirit aficionados, their platform is brimming with fun experiences that celebrate the art of cocktail-making, including molecular food pairings, luxury DIY kits, gin-tinted cruises, and more.

Better still, as a member of Virgin Red you can earn 12 points for every £1 spent with Virgin Experience Days. What does this mean? It means that you can fill your boots with cocktail-fuelled experiences, all while earning points to spend on more Virgin Red treats: whether that’s a fancy scented candle (7,600 points), a one-way flight to Paris (from 4,000 points + taxes, fees and surcharges*) or so much more besides

Here are a few of our favourite cocktail activities from Virgin Experience Days to do across a range of locations and budgets. All experiences are for at least two people so you can bring a guest along for the ride. Bottoms up!

Hop aboard for a gin, whiskey and cocktail cruise

Virgin Experience Days
Virgin Experience Days

Ready to go boating with a boozy twist? This two-hour foray down the Leeds and Liverpool canal has your name on it. You and your guest can soak in the timeless scenery from a Luxury Dalesman Canal Boat, while tasting your way through some truly terrific tipples. Speciality cocktails, along with a selection of whiskeys and gins, are all on the cards for a cruise like no other.

This experience is £70, book via Virgin Red

Make your own luxury cocktails at home

If 2020 gave us a taste for at-home cocktails, this experience luxury cocktails at home experience dials it up a notch with a decadent at-home kit for two. Turn mixologist for the weekend and prepare to dazzle your dinner party guests, as you find out how to make three signature cocktails: the Sweet Orange Nojito (spiced rum, marmalade and sweet syrup), Jolly Time (vodka, blood orange syrup and zippy ginger beer) and Raspberry Crush (raspberry gin, triple sec and sweet syrup). An education not to be missed. 

Enjoy this experience for £50, book via Virgin Red

Savour a chocotini in UK’s first chocolate cocktail bar 

If the thought of a chocolate cocktail makes your heart skip a beat, this one’s for you. London’s Chocolate Cocktail Club is the first of its kind in the UK, and home to the truly scrumptious “chocotini”. Two moreish and creamy chocolate creations are yours for the taking in this cocoa-scented outing for two. 

Book this experience for just £39, book via Virgin Red

Turn escape artist in a vintage breakout speakeasy 

Virgin Experience Days
Virgin Experience Days

It’s Prohibition era in the bootleggers district of underground Soho. You and your fellow thirsty scoundrel will be tasked with helping the boozy black market stay one step ahead of the old bill, following a fast-paced challenge at London’s 1940s-themed bar Cahoots. Race against the clock and put your brains to the test in a breakout experience that ends in a lip-smacking cocktail masterclass of Cahoots classics. 

Put your brains to the test and earn some cocktails for £104, book via Virgin Red

Mix up some molecular cocktails (with pizza on the side)

Virgin Experience Days
Virgin Experience Days

Cocktail-making is a science as much as an art – as this fabulously bonkers experience attests. The evening takes place at ABQ London, which is set in a retro RV van: a great venue for the chemistry experiment to come. You and your guest will get dressed up in hazmat suits and goggles, before creating your own molecular cocktails with dry ice, foam, and bubbles. Pizzas follow in a mesmerising, and unique, night out. 

Get your geek on for £92, book via Virgin Red

Discover the art of mixology in an exclusive lesson for four

Calling all Brighton-ites: this private coastal masterclass for four is destined to delight and thrill. Based at Brighton’s Socialite Restaurant, it’s led by the team’s head mixologist, who’ll show you how to shake and stir with the best of ‘em. Discover the secrets behind your favourite concoctions in a 90-minute session that includes cocktails aplenty, along with a selection of small plates. 

Become a cocktail master for £140, book via Virgin Red

Disappear down the rabbit hole with Mad Hatter drinks

Virgin Experience Days
Virgin Experience Days

The Oxford-based Mad Hatter speakeasy bar is where things get truly eccentric, disappearing down the rabbit hole in this Alice In Wonderland-themed venue, after solving a string of riddles to enter the Mad Mixology Masterclass. An award-winning mixologist will then guide you through three cocktails served in sharing teapots, in a lesson that will become curiouser and curiouser as the minutes roll on. 

Follow the white rabbit for £70, book via Virgin Red

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