6 ways to earn Virgin Points creating your at-home sound system

Woman listening to Hi-Fi stereo at home
by Sarah Crake
14 March 2022

In just a single bar, music can shift our emotions, help us get through tough times, and provide the soundtrack to our lives.

Since the first Virgin Records store opened on Oxford Street more than 50 years ago, music has always been at the heart of the Virgin brand. And to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the release of Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells with Virgin Records, Virgin Red is giving away 10 vinyl copies of the record and 10 Crosley Turntables to play the record on. An iconic release and a slick limited edition player - what more could you want?

Image of a Crosley Turntable with Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells record.

Enter the competition for a chance to win a copy of Tubular Bells and a Crosley Turntable

But if you're still after some inspo to upgrade your home music listening kit to accompany your chores, weekend relaxation, or summer party, Virgin Red has plenty of ways to earn and spend Virgin Points for your listening pleasure.

Image of person using wireless speaker

Easy listening 

A portable wireless speaker is the perfect choice for instant background music. Small but mighty, they easily connect to your phone via Bluetooth, whether you're working from home or hanging out at a super glam pool party. Earn points with every purchase at John Lewis & Partners on a gorgeous retro-inspired speaker, or add a splash of green to your room with this Bang & Olfsen number.

Pump up the volume

If you really want your playlists to pump, switching to a compact stereo system is guaranteed to deliver epic sound quality. Music is mastered in two channels, so when you listen through two separate speakers, the sound comes from both directions emulating our natural hearing. Upgrading to a Hi-Fi system with stereo speakers is a real game changer - you’ll feel like you’ve been dropped right into a live gig. 

The new wave of Hi-Fi units boast full connectivity for music streaming, but if you can’t bear to part with your cherished CD collection, some systems have CD players, too. Earn points at AO.com on a wide range of Hi-Fi systems, including audio brand Denon, or earn Virgin Points buying a pair of Apple HomePod minis to pair together to create quality stereo sound.

Boost your bass with a sound bar

Slide a sound bar underneath your TV screen and you’ll get more of an immersive sound experience. Add in a subwoofer to capture low-fi noise and you’ll come pretty close to stereo sound. So if you want to boost your bass while amping up your Virgin Points balance, Samsung boasts some brilliant sound bars and subwoofer bundles.

Surround yourself with sound

It’s easy to recreate authentic cinematic sound at home by placing multiple speakers at strategic spots around your living room, and you can earn points on an amazing home cinema system at Very. Each speaker has different frequencies, so you’ll feel cocooned in amazing depth of sound and instantly transported to the films setting. 

LW Creative Services
LW Creative Services

Cue the record

Whether you're keen to dust off that record collection in your loft or you’re a newbie to the vinyl scene, our competition to win an exclusive Crosley Cruiser is for you. The Crosley plays all the vinyl speeds you need (33 ⅓, 45 & 78 rpm) and also streams digital music, so you can have both analogue and digital at your fingertips. 

An image of a vinyl copy of Elton John's Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
Virgin Red

Vinyl magic

From the slightly crackly sound quality to a classic piece of cover art, nothing ignites nostalgia more than vinyl, so it’s no surprise there’s been such a big vinyl revival in recent years. Whether you’re adding to your original treasure trove, or starting a collection from scratch, why not build your own record library with Elton John's legendary Goodbye Yellow Brick Road for 5,750 Virgin Points?

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