Virgin Pulse launch coronavirus toolkit for employee wellbeing

From virtual fitness classes, livestreamed concerts, social media recipe sharing, digital book clubs and beyond – online culture is proving vital to keeping people connected. 

Virgin Pulse have developed insightful ways to leverage technology to help create human connections and build healthy home working environments during the ongoing health crisis.

Virgin Pulse’s resources include an insightful toolkit to keep people educated, healthy and engaged during this period of social distancing; important facts about COVID-19; and ways for organisation to elevate their wellbeing initiatives in a digital environment.

As Virgin Pulse put it: “A great company culture depends on employee engagement and, more importantly, employee health. Supporting your workforce during times of stress by empowering employees, motivating them to prioritise personal wellbeing, and encouraging them to find work-life balance will help ease anxiety and maintain business performance. Technology can be isolating, but with the right strategy in place, you can keep your workforce feeling secure and motivated.”

You can download Virgin Pulse’s Coronavirus Toolkit for Employee Wellbeing for free. In the toolkit you’ll find:

  • Quick tips to help employees feel secure and motivated.
  • A COVID-19 resources guide.
  • COVID-19  prevention tips and a print-out poster.
  • How to communicate and engage employees about COVID-19 through the Virgin Pulse platform.

For more, Virgin Pulse have also shared: Five tips to keep employees connected while practising social distancing and Seven ideas to leverage your wellbeing platform to respond to the Coronavirus.

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