Introducing Virgin By Design

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by Tania Steere
25 February 2020

Introducing Virgin By Design, a new book celebrating 50 years of the Virgin brand.

Virgin By Design will give you exclusive behind-the-scenes insights into how the brand was built and what drives it forward today.

It delves into Virgin’s culture, values and approach to creating a brand, from Virgin Records to Virgin Galactic and everything in between.

Virgin’s approach to business over the past five decades has always been a little different - behaving like a cheeky start-up, creating feel-good experiences, and taking bold risks.

Virgin By Design examines the journey of daring innovation and creativity that helped the business grow into a brand that spans more than 60 companies in 35 countries with nearly 70,000 Virgin people around the world.

This journey is brought to life through the stories of Virgin people who have played a part in shaping the brand, with illustrated case studies that show how hard work and brilliant ideas have resonated with audiences worldwide.

From nurturing a culture that boosts morale and building brands by breaking records, to evolving to stay relevant and working towards a sustainable future, the pages are packed with ‘how it was done’ insights of how different challenges were tackled by thinking imaginatively.

Virgin by Design also shows how Virgin has managed to build a global brand presence with companies across multiple sectors including travel, banking, health and fitness, communications, and entertainment. It also takes an in-depth look at Virgin’s mission and purpose to change business for good and gets to the heart of the values that makes the Virgin brand unique.

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