You can now use your Points for Good on Virgin Red by donating them to Virgin Unite

Richard Branson with entrepreneurs
Virgin Unite
James Massoud
by James Massoud
23 June 2021

If there’s a positive we can take from the global pandemic it’s the generosity of consumers. More people are supporting charities online, with more than half (53 per cent)* of UK charities shifting to online fundraising as a result of the impact of COVID-19. 

In response to this impact, Virgin Red – Virgin’s new, UK-based rewards club – makes it really easy for members to support good causes. From the National Autistic Society to Cancer Research and Carbon Engineering, there are a number of charities Virgin Red members can support by using their Points for Good via Virgin Money Giving. As well as donating their points to regional and national charities, Virgin Red members can also support small, independent Virgin StartUp businesses and provide young people with artisanal skills-training in the Morrocan Atlas Mountains through the Eve Branson Foundation.

Virgin Unite

And now, Virgin Red is proud to welcome Virgin Unite. Since launching in 2004, Virgin Unite has been instrumental in supporting purposeful causes, speaking up against unacceptable issues and giving 100 per cent of its donations directly to where it's needed most. The team has worked with partners to incubate a number of amazing collaborations such as Ocean Unite, The B Team, The Elders, the Carbon War Room (now merged with RMI), Caribbean Climate Smart Accelerator and 100% Human at Work – which have all spurred much needed change across the world.  

Richard Branson with crowd
One Acre Fund

Kelly Best, Virgin Red’s Chief Marketing Officer, says, “Since we opened the doors to Virgin Red, we have been working extremely hard to continue to add new ways for our members to support a range of good causes and we are very proud to announce that Virgin Unite has now joined the programme.

“Virgin Unite is a unique non-profit organisation, working hard to tackle big issues across the world. Sir Richard Branson, Holly Branson, our partners and the whole of the Virgin family work together to help deliver significant impact and we are delighted that our members can now support the work it does.

“Through our partnership with Virgin Money Giving, Virgin Red makes it really easy to donate to charities – just tap donate 1,000 Virgin Points in the app and we will convert points into cash to give to the chosen charity.”

Jean Oelwang with Richard Branson and B-Team
Virgin Unite

Jean Oelwang, Founding CEO and President of Virgin Unite, says, “I am incredibly proud of what Virgin Unite community has achieved and want to thank Virgin Red’s members for supporting the work we do. We truly believe that working together we can turn challenges into opportunities, allowing us to always push boundaries to make business and the world better.

“As with all donations to Virgin Unite, people’s support goes a long way. Virgin Unite’s overheads are covered by the Branson family and the Virgin Group, meaning that 100% of all donations received go directly to where it is needed the most.”

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*Statistics from a poll in November 2020 by CAF (Charities Aid Foundation).