Virgin StartUp lockdown series: How to market your business on a budget

Matt Doyle
Image from Virgin StartUp
Clare Kelly
by Clare Kelly
26 May 2020

To help businesses through this trying time Virgin StartUp is offering free webinars to help founders grow and protect their businesses during the coronavirus lockdown.

Virgin StartUp provides business advice, access to funding, mentoring and masterclasses to empower founders to not only start-up and survive, but thrive.

Matt Doyle will be sharing the best tips and tricks needed to attract and retain a base of customers, without spending a fortune. He is a marketing and advertising consultant and the founder of Array – a software start-up focused on automating data and maximising its efficiency and productivity.

Matt’s lockdown session will focus on defining your business and content strategy, honing your social media marketing and explaining how to develop and distribute your key messages during the COVID-19 lockdown.

According to Matt, “Marketing your business is arguably the most important skill to have when running your own business. In my webinar, we’ll cover the top things needed to understand present-day marketing and how even with the smallest of budgets, anyone can get started.”

Matt will be sharing his insights about the best tools available to help make your business grow, as well as some simple principles that will transform how you spend your time and resources.

Image from Etienne
Image from Etienne

So, what can you do to best prepare for the webinar?  

Matt said, “Think about who is the biggest fan you have right now. Not your Mum, but a customer that loves what you do and is always recommending you and singing your praises. Think where more people like them hang out.  What other products do they buy? What social networks do they use? From there –  we get clever.”

This webinar is part of Virgin StartUp’s Lockdown Series, which they are offering the start-up community to join for free. Visit Virgin StartUp to find out more.

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