Virgin StartUp launches bootcamp to get founders investment ready

Virgin StartUp
Virgin StartUp
Natalie Clarkson
by Natalie Clarkson
19 September 2023

You wouldn’t run a marathon without training first – and the same applies for entrepreneurs seeking investment for the first time. This is why Virgin StartUp is launching its first Investment Readiness Bootcamp.

The Investment Readiness Bootcamp is an intense three or four-day accelerator programme to teach founders how to best showcase their business, practise their pitching and develop a good understanding of the investment landscape, before heading out to seek funding for the first time. Recognising that not all busy founders have the time to enrol on a seven-week programme, it condenses Virgin StartUp’s well-established accelerator course into just a few days.

The online programme will run from 7-10 November and 5-8 December, making it perfect for founders looking for quick results. Participants could even start raising investment before the end of the year. Founders can choose to enrol on either the three or four day course, with additional pitch practice taking place on the fourth day.

Business owners will be teamed up with some top experts from the start-up sector – including current angel investors and venture capitalist guest speakers, who will provide insight and offer tips on the best ways to present a business as an investment proposition.

All the programme instructors have first-hand experience of how to run a business. These include:

  • Sutin Yang – an experience investor and head of Scaleups at Virgin StartUp

  • John Auckland – founder and CEO of Tribe First, Seed Tribe and Green Tribe

  • Suzie Campbell – The Friendly CEO

  • Demi Ariyo – CEO of Lendoe

Sutin Yang, Head of Scaleups at Virgin StartUp, who is leading the programme, commented: “The investment readiness bootcamp is a condensed version of our seven-week accelerators about funding and how to get investment ready. We want to demystify the investment process and teach founders how to best present your start-up business idea to potential investors, as well as where to find potential investors and how to approach and interact with them for the best chance at success.” 

The Investment Readiness Bootcamp is open to any UK based founder who plans to raise funding and equity investment in the UK. It costs £799 (plus VAT) for three days or £999 (plus VAT) for four days, which includes the additional day of pitch practice. As Virgin StartUp is a not-for-profit, this is a one-off cost and founders do not have to part with any equity.

Applications for the programme open today and can be found at