Virgin Orbit share ventilator progress

Ventilator open on a work bench
image from virgin orbit
Headshot of Greg Rose
by Greg Rose
5 April 2020

Virgin Orbit have been working around the clock on the design and development of a simple, low-cost and highly scalable bridge ventilator.

An application has been submitted for Emergency Use Authorization and Virgin Orbit is engaged in ongoing discussions with regulators, experts and the US government.

Virgin Orbit CEO Dan Hart presented the design to California Governor Gavin Newsom and his team at the Emergency Medical Services Authority, led by Dr. David Duncan. The Virgin Orbit team were grateful to receive concrete feedback to help ensure that the ventilators can help patients as soon as possible.

Watch the video above to see Dan Hart with Governor of California Gavin Newsom discussing the ventilator and sharing the prototype.

Silver cased ventilator on work bench with Virgin Orbit logo
Virgin Orbit

The team are aspiring to hit a production rate of 100 devices per week within about a week; doubling that in the following week; and then doubling the figure again in subsequent weeks.

For anyone interested in manufacturing or procuring our ventilators, please go to