Virgin Hyperloop: Revolutionising the future of transportation

Virgin Hyperloop
Image from Virgin Hyperloop
Natalie Clarkson
by Natalie Clarkson
18 August 2020

Mass transportation has looked very similar for the last 100 years, but Virgin Hyperloop is set to change this.

With its new technology, Virgin Hyperloop will make it faster and easier to travel between cities.

Virgin Hyperloop CEO Jay Walder gave a talk at TEDxGateway, explaining how hyperloop technology will change the way that we travel – and ultimately, the way that we live.

Virgin Hyperloop is developing a hyperloop system between Mumbai and Pune. It would cut the 120km journey between the two cities from around four hours to just 28 minutes.

“Now we can reimagine the connection between these two cities. Now we can think about twice as many people moving between the cities as are moving today,” Jay said. “And at the same time, being able to cut our carbon emissions by 150,000 tonnes a year.”

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