This is Virgin Orbit: Meet the team

Virgin Orbit's adapted Boeing 747 Cosmic Girl
Image from Virgin Orbit
Natalie Clarkson
by Natalie Clarkson
3 September 2021

Virgin Orbit is launching the small satellite revolution. But who are the people behind the scenes making it all happen?

Virgin Orbit delivers Virgin’s legendary customer experience, combining advanced technology with a diligent, hard-working team. Meet some of the team and find out what they do…

One team member with a particularly interesting job is Dalya Omar, who is a Structures Engineer for the company. Her interest in space from a young age led her to join the company first as an intern, and then take on a full-time role there.

Dalya says that she loves working in an environment where everyone is driven by coming up with solutions. She also enjoys the creativity of her job – although she's an engineer, Dalya's role still requires her to think creatively when facing tough problems.

Another Virgin Orbit colleague who has a unique role is Heidi Rueff, who is a senior graphic designer at Virgin Orbit. Heidi joined the Virgin family back in 2017 and helped to create the Virgin Orbit brand. But she’s gone above and beyond her role and created her own clothing line at the company, including bespoke mission patches. 

Heidi takes inspiration from Virgin Orbit’s customers, as well as the people she’s working with and artists that she loves. With Virgin Orbit’s latest mission, Tubular Bells Part One, Heidi created a patch that is inspired by Virgin’s rich musical heritage. And now that Virgin Orbit is out of the testing phase, there’ll be plenty of mission patches to keep her busy.

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