The machines that build Virgin Orbit rockets

Virgin Orbit's Cosmic Girl adapted Boeing 747 rocket launcher from below
Natalie Clarkson
by Natalie Clarkson
16 September 2021

What Virgin Orbit does is literally rocket science. And it needs the world’s best machinery to make it happen.

Virgin Orbit has worked hard over the years to develop and invest in its Long Beach manufacturing HQ to make sure that the tools, machines and resources available to its team were as cutting-edge as the rocket it was building. It has partnered with DMG MORI, the world’s premier supplier of manufacturing machine tools. DMG MORI’s tools form the backbone of Virgin Orbit’s workshop and have been essential in building its satellite launcher, LauncherOne.

However, Virgin Orbit’s partnership with DMG MORI goes beyond simply using their tools. Together they have helped to drive the future of advanced manufacturing. Combining DMG MORI’s expertise and experience with Virgin Orbit’s engineering creativity and the demands of making a commercial rocket, the partnership is creating capabilities that don’t exist anywhere else.

Virgin Orbit has now procured the first-ever machine in two of DMG MORI’s recent developments of advanced manufacturing equipment. These machines are already in Virgin Orbit’s factory, producing real hardware.

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