Run For Heroes: Donate to the NHS with Virgin Money Giving

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Run For Heroes
Natalie Clarkson
by Natalie Clarkson
15 April 2020

Virgin Money doesn’t make any profit on donations. Their charges are kept to an absolute minimum – they put everything back into providing a safe and simple way for people to give online.

Virgin Money Giving is encouraging people to continue giving to their chosen charities during the COVID-19 pandemic. And one group who is doing just that is Run For Heroes.

They came up with a simple idea to raise money for NHS Charities Together, who support the welfare and wellbeing of NHS staff working on the frontlines to fight COVID-19. Run For Heroes asked people to do three things: run 5k, donate £5 and then nominate five people on social media to do the same.

They were aiming to raise £5,000 for NHS Charities Together – but they reached that target in just four days. At the time of writing, they have raised £2.6 million and are now aiming to reach £3.5 million.

And because Run For Heroes is using Virgin Money Giving to raise money, more of the money donated is going directly to the charity. Virgin Money Giving runs their fundraising website without making a profit – keeping the costs down for everyone.

Virgin Money has also announced it will cover the platform fee for Virgin Money Giving for the remainder of government lockdown. 

So if you’ve not done it already, why not get out there on your daily exercise (which is allowed in the UK, even during lockdown) and run 5k? Then visit Virgin Money Giving to donate £5 to NHS Charities Together to fund vital support for the heroes in the NHS. Then challenge five of your mates to do the same.

We’re off to get our trainers on…