Now is the time to move from apathy to action

Earth Unscrewed in white text against storm cloud background
Clare Kelly
by Clare Kelly
25 September 2019

To launch season two of Earth Unscrewed our presenters Helen and Seyi had the pleasure of interviewing one of the world’s most renowned and respected sustainability scientists – Johan Rockstrom.

In this episode Johan calls on all of us to show some climate anger. Along with his top tips on what we can all do to address the climate crisis, Johan is calling on everyone to step up and make our collective voices heard.

Quote from Johan Rockstrom -  "I personally feel so frustrated when people talk about climate desperation...step up and show some anger"
Image from Virgin

According to Johan, we have good reason to be angry and frustrated. The scientific evidence shows that we are facing unacceptable risks, but also that we have the solutions.

His suggestion is to move through the apathy and take action (maybe with a bit of constructive anger here and there) and to work together to restore Earth’s life support systems and un-screw the only home we’ve ever known.

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