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Virgin StartUp
Virgin StartUp
Natalie Clarkson
by Natalie Clarkson
28 September 2022

Virgin StartUp exists to help businesses start up, survive and thrive. And its Collective Impact programme has a track record of getting sustainable businesses ready for investment.

Delivered in partnership with Crowdcube, Collective Impact has been designed to accelerate growth and impact for businesses that want to create positive change in the world.

Virgin StartUp and Crowdcube are looking for passionate founders who are building businesses that positively impact society and the planet to join the next cohort of Collective Impact, which will run from October.

Have a look at what some of the recent Collect Impact participants had to say about the programme:

“If you're planning to raise funds in the near future and need some direction and specialist advice, Collective Impact is a no brainer,” Stocked founders Sam and Charlie said. “It really accelerated our journey towards getting investor ready and we came out the other side in a much better position with our investment materials and our pitch. It was also a brilliant opportunity to connect with other business at a similar stage to us, and to share knowledge and experience. Both the Virgin Start Up and Crowdcube teams have been great to work with and super supportive throughout.”

Eleanor Howie, founder of Valiant Lingerie, added: “Collective Impact was more than I could have anticipated. Not only was it invaluable having a range of informative sessions with experts, it has also been a total game changer being able to build relationships with other entrepreneurs.”

And Aquoprotein founders Xiaobin Zhao and T.K. Lim agreed, they said: “The Collective Impact programme is very insightful with advice to move forwards as a start-up company. For founders considering crowdfunding, the programme is incredible as it connects you with some of the Crowdcube team you would work with during the crowdfunding period, and they run you through all the steps and information you need. On top of that, a wide array of business advice and information is provided, from how and what to present to details on what makes a good business.”

Want to know more? Visit Crowdcube for all the information and apply now.