It all counts at Virgin Active

Text reads: It all counts
Virgin Active
Natalie Clarkson
by Natalie Clarkson
6 September 2022

The Virgin Active team knows it’s not always easy to get motivated for a workout. But they also know that no matter what workout you do, it all counts.

You don’t often hear that from the fitness industry – it’s often about being the strongest, going harder, faster, and being bigger and better. But at Virgin Active, they believe that while working out can be hard, it should never be a chore. It’s all about loving what you do – and if it helps you on your way to achieving your goals that’s even better.

This September, Virgin Active is focusing on making it all count. Whatever you can manage – a 10-minute morning workout in your living room, a quick run around the block during your lunch break, playing with the kids, or giving it everything you’ve got in a class until you’re left in a sweaty heap on the floor. Whatever you do, the fact that you’re doing it is always the most important.

Text reads: All or nothing or just something
Virgin Active

To support you on your fitness journey – and to keep you motivated – Virgin Active is launching new classes at its clubs this month. From boxing to yoga and pilates to strength and conditioning, there’s something for everyone. And if you can't make it into a Virgin Active club, there are loads of workouts you can do from anywhere available on the Virgin Active app – and even some special workouts happening each Wednesday on Instagram.

So whether you’re choosing something new or getting back into an old routine – whatever you do, it all counts.

How will you workout this month? Visit Virgin Active to find out more.