How Virgin Hotels is keeping guests safe

A man DJing with a facemask on with two women in the background chatting while wearing facemasks
Image by Nathan Zucker
Natalie Clarkson
by Natalie Clarkson
1 September 2020

Virgin Hotels has opened the doors at its properties in Chicago, Dallas and Nashville and is welcoming guests back after the COVID-19 lockdown. 

The teams at all of Virgin Hotels’ properties are working hard to keep all of their guests safe. They’ve worked with Mobility Mojo to share all of the work that they’re doing to ensure every guest’s return is as safe as possible.

People in a bar at Virgin Hotels wearing facemasks while they talk
Image by Nathan Zucker

Mobility Mojo was co-founded by Stephen Cluskey, who was left paralysed from the neck down after falling off a hay bale at the age of 18. His new perspective inspired him to set up Mobility Mojo, which helps hotels to evaluate and share their accessibility features. Virgin Hotels started using Mobility Mojo last year and received a gold star rating. 

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, Mobility Mojo has been supporting hotels to share their hygiene and safety standards through Mobility Mojo Hygiene. Virgin Hotels is the first hotel group in the US to use Mobility Mojo Hygiene to share how they’re keeping guests safe.

An iPad showing the Virgin Hotels website with the Mobility Mojo Hygiene software
Image from Mobility Mojo

Cleanliness standards

Virgin Hotels’ teams have all been trained in providing the highest level of hygiene possible. This includes introducing additional cleaning of frequently touched surfaces, such as elevator buttons, light switches, door handles and more.

In public areas, hand sanitiser is available for guests to use and teammates use PPE – facemasks and gloves – while they’re working. Guests are also required to wear facemasks while in public spaces. Everyone is asked to respect social distancing and there are markers to help with this when lining up.

People at a bar at Virgin Hotels Nashville wearing facemasks
Image by Nathan Zucker

At Virgin Hotels Dallas, they’ve taken an artful approach to social distancing. An art installation takes up space in public areas to help maintain distance between guests. Together Again: Reconnecting Through Fashion and Art has been curated by fashion consultant Kristen Cole and comprises 12 mannequins that have been styled in colourful, expressive pieces from notable fashion designers.

Two mannequins wearing facemasks at Virgin Hotels Dallas
Image from Virgin Hotels


As well as utilising Mobility Mojo to share how it is protecting guests, Virgin Hotels has made updates to its own app, Lucy, which helps guests minimise their contact with other people.

The app now allows guests to check-in without visiting the front desk, and they can even unlock their Chamber from their phone without a plastic key. 

A hand holding an iPhone showing the Virgin Hotels app opening a red hotel room door
Image from Virgin Hotels

Visit Virgin Hotels to find out more about how they’re protecting guests.