Earth Unscrewed: What a Load of Rubbish!

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Clare Kelly
by Clare Kelly
18 April 2018

This week on Earth Unscrewed we get beneath the buzz words to understand what is meant by ‘closed loop production’ and explore how circular economies can help to unscrew the planet.

Joined by two special guests, Ryan Robinson, Co-founder of Aeropowder, and Jon Khoo, Innovation Partner at Interface – Helen and Seyi discuss what would happen if we reduced the amount of landfill and started mining rubbish to save cash – and the planet. Listen in to hear how one person’s rubbish is another person’s gold dust. 

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Aeropowder is a new start-up turning waste feathers into functional materials. Their mission is to ensure that our future is built upon more sustainable foundations. 

At Interface they’re convinced a fundamental change needs to happen in our global response to climate change. That we need to stop just thinking about how to limit the damage caused by climate change – and start thinking about how to create a climate fit for life.

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