Earth Unscrewed: Need Some Space?

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Clare Kelly
by Clare Kelly
30 May 2018

This week on Earth Unscrewed the topic of exploring other worlds, whilst doing right by this one, is discussed.

In this episode – Need Some Space? – Helen and Seyi talk about the link between space exploration and improving our situation here on Earth.

NASA astronaut, Mark Kelly, shares stories about his first ever flight to space, and how it differed from his final flight a decade later. From deforestation in the Amazon, to pollution across Eastern Asia – we learn about the troubling changes that are happening to our planet, and how space travel has impacted Mark’s life and subsequent behaviours here on Earth.

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Vice President for Special Projects at Virgin OrbitWill Pomerantz, talks about Virgin Orbit’s mission to make space more accessible to everyone. He discusses the ways satellite data can track illegal fishing, identify holes in the ozone layer, assess surface temperatures across the ocean, and ultimately, help to save the planet.

The third guest to feature is esteemed astrobiologist, David Grinspoon. He explains what it is to be part of the Anthropocene era and what powerful players each of us are in this, the first ever geological force to be fully aware of its own existence.

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