Earth Unscrewed: A Growing Movement

Earth Unscrewed
Clare Kelly
by Clare Kelly
13 June 2018

This week on Earth Unscrewed we ask the question – can the Earth help to save ... the Earth?

Our presenters, Helen and Seyi, explore the dirty impacts of food production and meet people breaking new ground when it comes to restoring the ground itself.

Nori is the world’s only carbon dioxide removal marketplace. On this week’s podcast we hear from their Chief Executive Officer, Paul Gambill, Chief Development Officer Christophe Jospe and the Lead Growth Strategist, Ross Kenyon.

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Also in this episode you'll hear from Seawater Greenhouse and The Nature Conservancy.

  • Seawater Greenhouse combines two unlimited resources – sunlight and seawater – to provide ideal growing conditions for crops in hot, arid environments. Charlie Peyton is the Founder and Director of Seawater Greenhouse and talks to us about how the technology is resulting in lower operating costs, increased yields, and farmers benefiting from year-round production of high-value horticultural produce. 

  • The Nature Conservancy works to protect the lands and waters on which all life depends. We hear from Michael Doane, Managing Director of Agriculture and Food Systems who shares his knowledge on soil health and nutrient loss reductions in North America.

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