Earth Unscrewed: Eradicating The Ocean Plastic Plague

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Clare Kelly
by Clare Kelly
4 April 2018

This week on Earth Unscrewed Helen and Seyi discuss the apocalyptic twin of climate change - ocean plastics.

Joined by two very special guests, ocean plastics specialist,  Dr. Lucy Woodall, and Raw Foundation anti-plastic activist, Melinda Watson – the perils of our plastic problem are discussed.

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Also, be sure to listen in for a special feature with Hugo Tagholm from Surfers against Sewage – giving top tips about the everyday things we can all do to fight the plastic plague. 

For a quick overview of the ocean organisations featured, see below:

  • Surfers against Sewage here are galvanising communities and inspiring people to protect our beautiful coastlines. Support their work tackling plastic pollution here.

  • Raw Foundation helps to educate, engage and empower young people to move towards sustainable consumption and production. Everything they do is systems-focused, solution-oriented and change-driven. 

  • Nekton’s purpose is to explore the depths of the ocean to reveal the unknown for the benefit of humankind. Their aim is to create a step-change in our knowledge and understanding of the ocean to accelerate its sustainable governance.

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